New Life For Ruth: Part 6

by ambergreen (UK)

Ruth was at the window watching as Donald left for his Sunday morning golf, only two days had passed since she had been spanked and fucked by Robert one of her bosses. Ruth had chastised herself for getting into such a position, the problem was her mind kept drifting back as she remembered how much she had enjoyed it, what sort of a women was she becoming.

Her thoughts were then interrupted by the door bell, Ruth answered the door to a mail courier he smiled politely and handed Ruth a large envelope which she in turn signed for. She had just started to open the envelope when the phone rang.

She lifted the receiver to her ear “morning Ruth” it was him Robert from two days earlier, Ruth felt the heat rise up her neck “you have the letter Ruth I know, you can read it while I speak” she opened the two page letter surprisingly signed by Jacob Ree's the head of the council, the letter explained she had been seconded to the housing committee (a committee she had never heard of) with meetings every Thursday evening, and a monthly national information briefing at government offices in London. The new role would include a substantial pay increase to include a clothing allowance.

Her brain tried to take it all in when her thought’s were interrupted “of course you realise Ruth this letter is what we think a very good cover just to keep hubby Donald sweet, you wouldn’t want him to know about your new duties would we my little slut, we wouldn’t want him to know how you suck all my cock down your whore throat, or how you bend over for me to fuck you and spank your eager arse” her heart was beating fast it had started as soon as she first heard his voice again, the stirring in her body scared her but also excited her, her pussy was swelling and leaking.

“WOULD WE RUTH” he demanded an answer “no sir no”…... was that her voice.

Oh!! god it was happening again.

“Good very good, now I’ll tell you how this will work, tomorrow you will not be at the office. it is all cleared with Mr Ree's upstairs so no need to worry, someone will pick you up in the morning to take you and help you select new outfits with your clothes allowance then afterwards take you to alter your make-up and hair etc.”

By Tuesday your new pay structure will be in place, and Thursday we will attend our first meeting….understood, very simple I think” Ruth could hear her own breath she wanted to tell him no, but knew it would be of no avail trying to complain she felt trapped.

“I’m not sure sir I thought it would be just...” he butted in “just the once oh no my dear……... just wait one second and you will receive a little reminder of your position” almost instantly a picture appeared on the phone, her own smiling eyes looking upward while her lips are being stretched by a massive cock spunk escaping from the corners of her mouth, then a second picture walking away looking over her shoulder, a well spanked naked arse showing below a tiny skirt and housed within sleek stockings and suspenders.

“No more questions now Ruth, let’s just make this enjoyable for everyone, no little problems, we’ll give you more instructions forthwith”

The phone went dead the conversation over. Ruth’s mind was filled with doubts and questions, he’d said we, was Jacob Rees involved, would there be others, who would pick her up tomorrow and what about the trips away would Donald complain.

Ruth had gone to sleep on these thoughts, Donald had put her quietness down to the letter and mini promotion. Unusual for Donald he had been quite excited by it all, thinking a clothes allowance rather eyebrow, but noting the money could come in handy. Ruth wondered would he really be so happy if he knew just what she would really be doing to earn the money.

It was ten the next morning when the car turned up, just the one occupant a lady probably late fifties early sixties. Ruth thought how well and sexy she looked, with a very good figure including a very large bust probably larger than her own. During the drive to the city, Mary, the ladies name, was quite and stern looking answering questions with one syllable answers.

They parked up in the city, and walked to an exclusive ladies dress shop. “Hello Mary” they were greeted by a big breasted young women “this is the new one…. hmmm, must be your replacement Mary” she giggled, after they were introduced Jane the shop owner started to bring in a selection of clothing.

Ruth stripped down to her dowdy underwear in a cubicle, then the curtain was drawn back opening onto the shop floor, she tried to cover herself. Jane laughed it’s only us three sweetheart and we’ve seen it all before haven’t we, in the next hour she tried on and selected….. or should we say Jane and Mary selected eight blouse all tight and low cut, eight skirts also tight and mostly just above the knee and five pairs of shoes all various colours and all five inch heels.

Now underwear Jane proclaimed you can’t wear that white stuff under all this good stuff, strip down Ruth lets go for it.

Ruth slowly and shyly removed her bra feeling her tits sag slightly, then dropping her big panties showing her hairy bush. They pushed her around touching her tits and lovely rounded ass, squeezing her into lacy bra’s that pushed her tit’s up and together, and skimpy knickers including four florescent see through thongs, well really just a triangle of material with a tiny string, also several sets of suspenders and expensive sheer stockings.

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