New Life For Ruth: Part 2

by ambergreen (UK)

Robert Cameron James, sat in his large office on the eleventh floor of the council building. This was his eighth year has head of finance, a part time role bringing him to the office just three days per week. Robert had made his money, a lot of money from rubbish, firstly seeing restaurants and clubs had big problems with weekly collections he had got the contract to provide a nightly waste removal service.

Then when the government introduced plastic refuge bins, he had been one of the first companies to introduce a home cleaning service. His business acumen now allowed him to meddle with the council, something he thoroughly reveled in.

At sixty one Robert was a big healthy man with a healthy appetite for life, and in particular sex. There was nothing Robert liked more than to dominate both men and women for his sexual needs, which were both wide ranging and perverse. This domination had started with his wife Mignon De Silva a South African girl from a good family, she had been eighteen to his twenty eight completing her education in the UK.

Robert was quick to noticed how submissive this young women appeared, within a week he had started to dominated her and very soon after that he was fucking her, within a year they were married and Mignon was enjoying regular spankings and perverted sex acts.

Quickly Mignon was helping with the business using her willing body to seduce partners and perspective partners, by the time she was twenty one she had completed no less than three gang-bangs and given a lesbian sex show for her hubby and friends. She also new that it was wise to always obey her husband anyone who crossed him may face the consequences.

Robert was a very nasty man, just a few months earlier one of the many women he had trained throughout their marriage, a thirty something black Nigerian mother of two had failed to show for one of their special parties, within the month her and all her family were back in their poor Nigerian village.

Did Mignon mind his dalliances with other women, at one time yes, but she soon learnt her own love of sex was catered for and permitted. Her and some close friends would use young men and women as their own sex slaves, her catalogue of porn film’s was extensive, loving insertion whipping and pissing above all others. She liked nothing better than to film herself peeing in the mouth of some young fresh slut Robert had acquired for her.

Jacob Rees sat at his desk in the only other office on the top floor of the council block, at thirty eight the youngest man to ever head the council. Jacob although a very good councillor had an abundance of secrets and weaknesses. He had, had a very private quiet and reserved upbringing women and sex had never been mentioned during his childhood or in later years as an only child he never had friends.

In later years he found it very difficult to approach or talk to women, this would lead to him using prostitute’s, he bought his first when he was eighteen after trying many girls, he had eventually used the same women for almost nine years, she was old to him in her forties, but very experienced and took him down a torrid sexual path. They traversed from simple sex through BDSM, anal enjoyment both male and female, he love his women with her big strap-on dildo. His love for big tits started here although his mother had been well endowed before her death and he remembered his interest.

He love to fondle squeeze, pinch, bite and pull on massive mammaries, watching the nipples grow to astounding lengths watching the pain on her slut face. He was quite a contented man successful at work and fulfilled in his private needs. It was round about his thirty third birthday he was invited to a special party held by Robert and Mignon.

A live changing event for Jacob, from minute one he was taken by Mignon, like Robert before him her busty succulent body entranced him and Mignon was not shy in showing it. All night her massive DD tits were in his face, of course this had been Robert’s plan he new more of Jacob than the young man thought.

By the end of three months Mignon had a good selection of DVD’s all relating to Jacob. He was overwhelmed when he first saw shot’s of himself being fucked up the arse by three women, one after the other, before they gave him a piss shower by the pool the look of lust and enjoyment never leaving his face.

From that day on he had worked in tandem with the James family, in business and in pleasure always trying to gain an advantage in both.

Their latest project was one he had noticed two years earlier, a quite lady on one of the lower floors, Ruth, he had first spotted her at the company sports day her massive tits waddling has she cheered on the children’s sack race. He not only noticed Ruth, but the younger version stood by her side.

The daughter Lena smoother skin longer legs and identical massive tits. He had made it his duty to find out more, what a coup it would be to gain both beauties for the James’s sex stable. He had kept a good eye on the tumultuous Ruth…. one for the future he’d thought.

After helping Ruth to her mildly deserved promotion, thing had slowed down for some months awaiting the right opportunity this didn’t occur …...until her own stupidity and a chance porn site opening had changed thing so rapidly, it was now the right time to pounce.

Every three months financial books had to be audited, and today it was Ruth’s departments turn. And it would be Robert doing the audit.

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