New Life For Ruth: Part 10

by ambergreen (UK)

Ten minutes had passed and after pulling back until he was almost falling from her body, he pushed back firmly and them he was fucking her arse for real ramming at her pulling her back by her hair calling her the filthiest names.

At first Ruth felt the severe pain and was just crying out, but soon she started to moan, her fingers had moved to her clit OH fuck yes,yeeees god so good please yes use your slut fuck my arse the mixture of pain and pleasure overtook her…..

Robert knew he wouldn’t last long after all the things he had seen done to Ruth. One more thing more before he was finished one final humiliation, he picked up the butt plug holding it to her lips “clean this up slag get it clean to go back in it’s box” no hesitation Ruth shot out her tongue licking her body fluids her tongue went everywhere eating her own shit.

Robert filled her then flooding her rectum with all his pent up spunk, shot after shot making her orgasm one last time. He pulled back watching her arse still gaping wide, cum pouring from her now very filthy arsehole.

He stood and moved to her head. “I think you need more practice eat my dick clean of this filth whore” he felt her fingers in his ball sack playing with him while her tongue travelled along his softening rod time and again, her eyes wide open smiling up at her master.

She spent an hour in the shower soaking herself looking at all the bruises and blemishes over her body hoping she could hide them from Donald. Robert had long since gone, leaving her to her own deep worrying thoughts and cleaning ritual.

With the exception of the shoes all the clothing she had been wearing was double wrapped for security taped up and put in a full bin due to be emptied, she dressed once more in her every day clothes and still looking a very sexy lady started for home.

Donald lay awake when Ruth returned, the last few days had been strange and strained. He could not fail to notice firstly Ruth’s new outfits worn for work, or the tension shown by her, leading up to Thursday.

He watched through hooded while she undressed, taking in for the first time her new style of underwear unfortunately or fortunately he never got to see her bruised and battered body as she moved to the bathroom.

The mystery continued when Ruth clung to the very edge of the bed, and it was also her smell normally strong by this time of the day, but Donald noticed she was not only clean and fresh but had a completely alien scent.

The weekend was almost over when the most unexpected thing happened, Ruth had bathed and sat in her dressing gown watching TV. Donald joined her on the sofa and started to squeeze her thigh firmly he had a devilish look in his eye, Ruth after the experience’s of the last two week instantly started to feel the familiar wetness between her thighs.

Her needs started to take over, although Robert may think she had a limped dicked husband, she knew he had a healthy seven inches plus.

Soon Donald was feeling her fingers at his zip pulling out his rock hard cock and giving him his first ever Ruth blow job, then she got on her knee’s and he was fucking Ruth doggy style and loving it, really enjoying seeing obvious two or three spanking welts that still remained on her ass cheeks loving the sexual moans that fell from her lips.

All that week he was demanding and the sex continued Ruth doing a lot, no all of the leading, at one point directing Donald to eat her pussy before riding him cowboy.

By Thursday morning, when Donald with a knowing smile told Ruth he hoped she would have a good few days away in her new role, she smiled happily kissing him passionately knowing this was his unspoken permission to continue both new her role away from home and hopefully her new role at home. Ruth thought as she climbed in the car could life be any better.

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