New Girlfriend's Shocking Family

by Curious Man (Everett, Wa)

I have been dating this lady for a month and last Friday I went to her house and she went up to take a shower. I was having a beer and watching the news and I heard someone say hello and who am I?

I am waiting on Mary. She said that's her mom. And your name. She said suzzan, I am Mark. She said that she was 18 and that mom always let's her fuck her men. She had on a robe and nothing else.

It was open in the front and her pussy was very hairy. She then walked over and put my hand on her pussy and forced my fingers in it. Man she was wet.

I think she came as mom walked in. Because it ran down her legs. Mom said I see you two meet. Yes we did. She said that all of her new man friends half to fuck her to get into mom's panties.

So I grabbed daughter robe and threw it on the floor. Mom here is some of what will happen to you. I ate that Harry pussy and she was in cum over load.

She was squirting all down my chest and when I put my limp penis in her mouth and told her to suck it hard mom came over and watched I grabbed mom's hair and made her lick daughter cum off my chest and I was almost ready to squirt and I put mom's mouth next to her mouth and I filled up both faces with cum.

Then I watched them lick each other faces while they were licking cum I slid my hard on in suzzans pussy and I started pounding it she was cumming and I was almost ready to squirt when I pulled out and stuffed it in her asshole she went nuts screaming loud and trying to get off my cock. I just kept stuffing it in that asshole.

Mom was really licking all down her tits and belly button then she was sucking that clit. Daughter was trying to get my cock out and I was pounding it harder. Then mom saw I was in her asshole and she started to lick her clit slow.

And then I cam a huge load in that tight asshole. She went limp and mom stood up and daughter slid off my cock.

Mom laughed and said she has just been deflowered in her asshole. Her pussy had it's first come 3 years ago and her mouth a year ago and her asshole just minutes ago.

Daughter had a hard time getting up and when she did she made us get into the shower. She washed all of us and she told mom to suck my cock. Then she got out then back in a few minutes later.

Mom was about to get a full mouth and daughter was rubbing my balls then she stuffed a dildo in my asshole. When all 8" of it was in I turned around and she said dam and his dick is rock hard. Mom was holding the dildo in my ass.

And I bent the daughter over and asshole fucked her harder this time. She had her face on the shelf in the shower and I told mom to get the dildo out rince it off and slide it in next to my cock and then hold her daughter down on the shelf.

I was just pounding it in her asshole harder than ever. She was on a non stop cum load it felt like she was pissing. But it was cum. Then I yanked both out of that ass.

I turned her around and face fucked her until I was cumming hard in her throat. Mom and I finished our shower and she was on the shelf getting water on her.

We went out and got a drink and we dried each other off suzzan finally came out with a towel on. She said I love you Mom and mark. Then she sat on her towel between us.

She told mom that she was shaking all over and she will ask no beg us the next time she wanted to have sex with her and a boy friend. She is like a pet now.

When I come over she sits between mom and me then she strips for us and she has shaven all hair on her body except her head hair and mom said she gets her pussy licked every night. And she is not demanding anymore.

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