New Friends And Romance

by Darrel (WI)

He looked like a boy who belonged on the beach, standing there with his sandy longish hair, barefoot and clad only in a pair of well-faded and frayed cut-offs, and although it was only the beginning of summer, with his complexion already a warm shade of honey colored brown.

Ron and his mother had just moved there, and he decided to venture out that morning. The beach was not one of those tourist types of beaches. It was nothing like that. Rather it was a long stretch of coarse white sand sided by dunes and beach grass.

He was surprised that morning to see the boy there. He was not doing anything really, just standing there, back from the surf, looking out across the expanse of blue water.

Ron decided to walk over. He was barefoot and in a t-shirt and shorts and was unaccustomed to that, and feeling just a little self-conscious about the shoeless part to be sure.

“Hi,” he greeted in a friendly manner.

“Hi,” the other boys said, turning around, obviously not expecting to see anyone else there, since there never was. “You must be new here.”

“Yeah. My mom and I just moved into the cottage back there.”

“Oh,” was the other boy’s response. He smiled faintly. “Well … welcome to probably the dullest place on earth.”

This was the impression Ron already have of their new home, and this confirmed it.

The other boy was good looking if just in average way, although he had blue eyes that were the color of the sky. Blue like that and which contrasted to his already tanned physique.

“Isn’t there anything to do around here?” Ron questioned hopefully.

“No. I’m afraid not. Not really,” the other boy said.

Together they started to walk along, their bare feet treading over the loose sand.

“I’m Carl, by the way.”


To Ron the other boy seemed friendly enough and that was good. To his surprise, he also found him to be unexpectedly attractive just in a male sort of way. Ron was not accustomed to this, although that last year before the move, he was aware that he had started to sense a kind of curiosity about other boys.

Perhaps because he had gone to such a large school which had been crowded and impersonal and he really had not had anything more than casual friends. He had found himself longing for a best friend, to experience that sort of male-closeness.

That sounded a little gay, he knew, still he did crave having that sort of a close friendship with another boy. He liked girls well enough, but it was like he just wanted something more and less complicated.

“So …” Ron ventured. “What do you do?”

Carl responded with a careless shrug of his bare shoulders. “Not much. Just hang around be bored mostly.”

He added, “There’s hardly any young people here. All of the other kids live up the coast about five miles … where there’s a bigger town.”

“Oh,” Ron said, realizing just how tiny the place was where they had moved to.

Carl seemed friendly enough, kind of quiet and easy going. Ron was surprised when he saw Carl’s blue eyes slide over to regard him in an inquiring way, and then to see a kind of shyness about his doing that in reflected in his expression.

“I guess it’ll be nice to have some company,” Carl said.

“Yeah,” Ron agreed, having been made aware of the situation he found himself in. The idea of meeting another boy who appeared to want to be friends was appealing.

So was the idea that there seemed to be an instant sort of pleasing male-chemistry between the two of them. It seemed like they were going to definitely be friends, and as shy as Ron felt about thinking such things … maybe a little more, as well?

While Ron might have otherwise been inclined to be dismissing of such thoughts, right then he found it easy to be encouraging of them.

Certainly Carl did not seem to be any less encouraging in just his easy going manner. As if he might well be open to having a friendship that could well have a slightly more romantic side to it.

It was not a bad morning at all.

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