New Beginning

by Sara horny mom (Missouri)

My life changed in many ways when my husband died.

Many for the better.

Needing a new start, I talked with my son Brad and we decided to sell the house and move to where no one knew us.

Brad and I had made our move and started our new life life.

Kelly and Jim where the first couple we met.

Assuming Brad and I where a couple Brad and I never corrected them.

It was fun for us.

Kelly and Jim introduced us to a few other couples.

We started getting invites to bar-b-ques and cook outs.

It was about six months when Kelly and Tammy invited Brad and I to a party custome party.

Thinking it would be fun.
I excepted and skipped off to tell to Brad.

My outfit was a an Egyption queen and Brad was cowboy.

"Carol. You look amazing." Kelly smiled at me looking me up and down with hungry, lust filled eyes.

At first it was drinks and snacks.

Then the games came out.

I was standing next to Brad when this woman named Jerri spun the wheel.

"Winner!" Jerri announced smiling big.

Then looking at this guy named Mark.
She pointed and him and wiggled her finger for him to come to her as everyone cheer.

Then to me and Brad's surprise Jerri dropped to her knees in front of every one and pulled out Mark's dick and started blowing him.

"Carol? Maybe we should leave." Brad said as he took my hand.

"Why? You afraid of getting your dick sucked?" I smiled holding Brad's hand tight.

Jerri must have been a good.
Because, Mark didn't last long before he grunted and emptied his load down Jerri's throat as the small crowd cheered.

"Who's next?" Kelly said smiling.

"Mine." I said holding my hand up.

"Carol!" Brad said in a hushed voice.

"Let's have some fun." I smiled at my son as I dropped his hand and headed to the wheel.

Spinning the wheel I stood watching till it came to a stop.

I didn't know what the signs meant, so I looked at Kelly.

"Carol, grab your man and pick a partner. You get a threesome in the private room for one hour." Kelly smiled.

Looking around, I saw Kara.
A tall, skinny librarian type with glasses and big tits.

"Come on Kara. Let's go have some fun." I smiled.

"You sure about this?" Brad asked in a nervous voice as we walked down the hall.

"More than you know." I smiled grabbing Kara and pulling her to me and pushing her against the wall and kissing her deeply.

Now, I had not seen Brad naked since he was twelve years old.

I got a very nice surprise when he undressed.

He was very thick, with a nice seven and half inches in length.

Brad looked at me with an unsure look.

Reaching up, I pulled him onto the bed.

Laying down on his back I moved right to sucking his dick as Kara straddled his face.

I was a bit jealous.
But, I was the one that wanted this.

But, I made damned sure I got his dick in me first.

Brad did a great job of fucking Kara and I both.

At the end, Kara and I both set on our hunches with our mouths open as Brad jerked off spraying us both with his cum.

"It'll be a free for all when get back in there." Kara smiled at me.

She was right.

There were people fucking everywhere.

Kelly was setting on this guy's lap, with her legs over another's shoulders getting both holes reamed out.

Jerri was leaning over the bar with three guys taking turns at her.

This woman named Tammy was sitting on the bar with a sexy blondes head between her legs.

As Brad and I stood there looking around this woman named Becky walked over to us and dropped to her knees and started blowing Brad.

I just stood there watching in amazement.

Looking up at me.
Becky smiled.

"Why don't you find a chair and set down. I love eating a pussy with a dick in it."

Looking around there was a large chair behind us.

I soaked Brad's cock as I fed Becky my cum.

Becky had her head between my legs and Brad was plowing away at her when Jim walked up and offered me his cock.

Smiling I opened my mouth and started sucking him.

I could taste others women's cum on his cock.

When Jim stepped back there was another dick to suck.

He must of been close.
Because, he didn't last long before a blasted a wad down my throat.

Then Kelly climbed up and got a quick link from me before she was off to get another dick.

We ended the night with Becky, Kelly, Jerri and this woman I didn't know in the middle of the floor with Brad behind them fucking them in the ass.

When we got Brad and I both showered, which we badly needed.

Brad was sitting on the couch when I came in.

Stopping before he seen me, I kicked off my panties.

Walking into the living room I climbed up into his lap straddling him.

"Did you have fun?" I asked Brad as I worked my pushy in little circles on his cock.

"It don't look like you got enough earlier." Brad grinned at me.

"This is just you and I. I will stop if you want." I told Brad in a serious tone.

"No." Brad grinned at me.

"Good. I want you in me." I smiled as I ground my hot pussy into his cock.

Brad and I made love until the sun came up.

Just before the sun crested, I took Brad to the back porch and leaned over the railing and took as the sun broke the day.

Just as the sun cast the first light of day on us.
Brad pushed deep into my pushy and filled me with his seed as I whimpered in pleasure.

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