Never Enough

by Erin

Never Enough

From my early teens I have never had enough cock or sex, I’m now forty and guys are forever telling me I look more twenty, than forty, with D-cup tits, fine shaped ass and long legs. 5’11” tall I think my legs are my best feature and I will fuck at the drop of a hat but I really don’t care if the hat comes off or when, just get the cock up and lets fuck. My husband whose ego I destroyed has told me many times, as soon as our son is eighteen, he is divorcing me.

Good to his word and not carrying if our son heard him, we fought with husband shouting, I could never be satisfied. Money I married with his promise of never interfering with my sex life, his word wasn’t kept, therefore I had the foresight long before to make an agreement with James, of what I would settle for without contest and he signed. Money to support Jim and I would never have to worry, just because you love to fuck does not make you stupid, husbanding learning the hard way.

The very same day of son Jim’s eighteenth birthday, husband James brought in movers, removing his belongings. James had to have the last word I let him with the knowledge, I would have the last word each month, as the checks came in. Jim, our son had to hear the horrendous argument, shouting and accusations, most were true but a girl doesn’t her son knowing of his mother’s secrets. Early years of our marriage I tried very hard to make work but with James inability to meet my needs and the agreement James and I had. Very clear with James from the outset of our dating.

Exhausted by the time the day was done, I chose not going in search of cock I needed, normally rather James was home or not. The bars and finding cock was foremost of my mind. Sleep I after these passed days I needed and by good dark I was in bed, sleeping naked as always and woke to a hard cock probing between my thighs from behind, raised a leg allowing access. Grudge fucking with James many times, fighting and fucking James was a much better fuck, when he was angry. A fuck for the road I was thinking as cock sunk deep in my hairy pussy.

This cock was much bigger than James’s I came to realize, only likeness to James was how quickly, he came. I swear in less than two minutes cock was shooting cum. Except this cock, didn’t stop fucking me, thoughts of my mind as bliss and orgasms took over my body. Over onto my stomach, owner of cock flip me and knees between my legs, grabbed hold onto my hips pulling me to him. Slamming and fucking me hard. Reason why women like doggy style is a man can hit it harder from behind, and what woman doesn’t like a good hard fuck, through the fog of my mind, I called.

“Jim,” only other person of the house it could be, moments of silence, though the ramming of my hairy juicy pussy didn’t stop.

“Mom,” I heard Jim call just before coming inside his mother’s horny pussy a second time and Jim continued fucking to my amazement. Scream, I couldn’t stop Jim, didn’t want the pleasures I was receiving to end.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck your Mother, Jim,” up to the headboard Jim rammed his mother’s cunt hard, up to where I could reach the bedside lamp turning on. If Jim was going to take on the fucking of his horny mother, I wanted him to see what he was fucking. Between my legs I reached cupping Jim’s balls in the palm of my hand. Heaviest set of balls I’ve ever weighted and cock had to be ten inches and thicker, than any I’d ever known.

“Jim, what a cock and balls you have,” incest fucking not bothering me in the least by now with son Jim, tearing up his mother’s pussy orgasming time and again.

“Mom, you aren’t upset,” felt Jim pull nearly out and slam back in.

“Hell no! Not with the fucking I’m receiving,” I called, my hand of Jim’s balls. Longer Jim was lasting before orgasming, constantly my cunt was flowing with juices of my cunt orgasming. Fucked Jim in every conceivable position I could imagine, throughout the night, until Jim and I were both completely exhausted having to sleep. Awoke facing Jim, I kissed, wondering if Jim would be up for more fucking of his mother.

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