Neighbors Turned Us Bi

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

Let’s call it a big surprise. My wife Susan and I had been married over 20 years, recently left the Army after 8 years and moved to Saint Louis. We live outside in a smaller subdivision which we really like. Most of the couples are older than us but that’s ok because we think most of the people our age are too immature! I guess most would call us the normal married couple; both working, nice income, beautiful house, average people.

Raised on a farm in Central Missouri I am considered quite handy! More than the normal Jack of All Trades and a Master of None! So over the years I have assisted many neighbors in the home remodeling projects. Our newest neighbors are Richard and Pat. Nice enough couple as we met them on their moving day and invited them over for cake and ice cream last month. Interesting point is that they are the first and only black couple in our entire subdivision.

Richard called last week and asked if I could help him finish their two car garage. I told him sure as it would be the standard framing out and then dry walling to paint and done. As it turned out Richard was a pretty good handy man himself having all the tools and equipment that was required.

So here it was Friday evening and we got started after we both got home from work. Of course it was August so hotter than ever. We started in the back of the garage and had the air compressor and large tool boxes between us and the street. Richard was doing the nail gun work and I was putting the studs in place and holding them for him. As he handed me my second beer, Richard started talking about sex between Susan and me. I told him that was private information and he told me that it was just us guys out working and sweating our asses off.

So I shared that Susan and I had, I guess, normal sex a couple times a week. Richard came right back with what kind of sex. I told him, you know, normal like intercourse! Richard laughed and asked me so who is on top while you two are fucking. Wow, kind of forward but I guess not thinking I told him Susan always was on top. He replied that was good, so Susan is in charge him stated! I told Richard we really didn’t think of it as to who was in charge during our love making. Richard then asked if Susan made me eat her pussy and lick her asshole. Again TMI I thought but I told him yes that was something Susan always wants when we have intercourse. Richard again laughed and said now we’re getting somewhere! I then about died when Richard then asked if Susan fucks my pussy. I asked what in the world are you talking about, I don’t have a pussy. Richard told me to just answer him, didn’t Susan fuck my asshole. I told him yes if you call it fucking when she puts a dildo into me.

During this entire verbal exchange I continued to look only at the ground when Richard told me that when a woman fucks a man with strap-on dildo she is fucking the boi pussy! That is when I looked up at Richard to challenge him on that terminology and that is also when I saw Richard had his cock hanging out of his shorts right in front of my face. I tried to look hard up at Richard and as I started to tell him he had crossed the line that is when he pushed his black cock into my open mouth. I tried to spit it out and that was no use! Richard now had his hands on the back of my head pulling me into him quite hard.

So here I was with Ricard’s cock in my mouth and his garage door open to the street. My mind was racing as to what if a neighbor stuck their head in to see how the remodeling was going, or worse what if Susan walked over to check on us. Richard continued to fuck my mouth and was doing such a good job in working his cock deeper into my throat when he unloaded and I felt his cum pouring down into my stomach! He kept his cock in my mouth and just stood there looking down at me when realized that I was just looking up at him but he no longer had a hand on my head and I was not pulling back off of his cock!

Finally Richard eased his cock out of my mouth and took it in his hand and started rubbing it across my face. He was still pushing out some left over cum and I could feel my face getting very wet. I was beginning to ask myself WHY I wasn’t pulling back for even fighting Richard telling him to stop being so mean to me! Scaring me next was when their door into the house opened and I saw Pat standing there with her hands on her hips. She asked Richard if he was happy now with his new sissy boi. Richard told Pat that I sucked his cock pretty good for a beginner but he knew I had more in me! Pat asked Richard if he wanted her to have Susan come over but he told her not yet, that he still had more conditioning to accomplish with me. Pat closed the house door but not before she had captured a video of my face being painted with Richard’s cock!

Richard left his cock hanging out of his short but told me we needed to get back to work. After another hour, Richard put his nail gun down told me to follow him into the house. He took me to their living room and I saw Pat reading a book. Richard sat down next to Pat and told me strip and get down between his legs. I heard both Richard and Pat gasp when I pulled my underwear off and they saw my penis. Richard told me to move up to the edge of their couch and they both poked at it, in their words my micro penis! Richard and Pat both agreed that it was much smaller than what is called a tiny penis on the web!

Pat told me to just get on down between Richard’s legs and get sucking his real man cock, as she continued belittling me as to if I really was a boy or a girl. She commented that she had always heard that white men had tiny cocks, or in my case penis, but never had she come in contact with one of the people that is more of the opposite sex than they were physically born into.

Then Pat fired up her computer and started searching and came back with the next belittling! Bob, let’s consider your breasts, saying you know that you have more breasts than what anyone might consider to be man boobs! She reached over and started cupping my breasts, while I continued sucking Richard’s cock, telling me that they feel like girl breasts! Pat picked up her phone and made a call. While I didn’t hear most of it I was able to make out that some woman named Charlene, was going to come over and bring various sizes of bras!

With the knock at their front door, in walked Charlene quickly focusing upon me sucking off Richard. Pat told her that I was Richard’s next white boi project and I only lived two doors up the street from them. Then I heard Pat tell Charlene that my wife, Susan looked like she would make a good pussy muncher and they both would begin work on her later!

Pat told me to stand up and Charlene first laughed at my ting penis and then took the first bra and slipped it around me. She helped place each of my breasts into the bra and then stood back. Wala, Charlene shouted. Not bad that I chose the correct bra for this little sissy cocksucker. Pat now pointed out how much better I looked and that I would be happier with the proper support from my breasts. With my new bra on I was back on my knees sucking Richard’s beautiful cock!

Richard started to breathe heavily meaning he was about to cum and I could see both Pat and Charlene grab for their phone cameras to begin making a video of this stunning event! Richard grabbed my head and forced me all the way down to his crotch, meaning his full cock was pushed through my mouth and way into my throat! I was amazed how much Richard shot again, as it being just over an hour since his garage unloading. When I came back somewhat to my senses, I noticed that Richard had both of his hands on his chest, and I, his cock sucker, was still holding his cock deep inside my throat. I saw both Pat and Charlene laughing, still filming, commenting how much this white sissy boi loves his black cock as I continued to go down on Richard all on my own accord. I later realized that their comments had been recorded on the videos along with that clear HD picture of Richard’s cock in my mouth and of course capturing my new bra.

When Richard pushed my head back, giving up his cock, I just sat there on the floor until Pat told me to go clean myself up and to go on home. She told me to brush my teeth and use mouth wash, use a wash rag on my face so that Susan would not be able to tell I had sucked cock. Richard then told me that I had done good and that he expected me over tomorrow about 3pm to continue the work on the garage. Pat shared that she would invite Susan for supper and the four of us would get to know each other better!

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