Neighboring Granny

by Anon (Canada)

My neighbor G lives next door to my condo. During this lock-down situation I had online classes at the college and had quite a bit of free time. I would go to balcony and exchange words with G on the next one of her condo. It has become almost a routine for us. This morning I was having coffee basking in the morning sun in my balcony.

Suddenly G appeared – after Hi and good morning, she asked me whether I would like a piece of apple pies with cream. WoW! That should be a nice start of my day, Within ten minutes she rang my door bell – here she with her pie!! But what I was attracted to was her thin cotton blouse and short skirt with a piece of her open fleshy tummy.

We sat on the sofa facing each other, pie on the low table. I brought two plates and spoons and we started to have the cream topped pie. Suddenly it caught my eyes - she did not push her skirt down while sitting on the sofa. And while serving me the piece of pie she had to open a little her fleshy thighs, unfortunately I could not look at her pussy buried into seat.

Evidently a woman of 55+ yo could guess what a young man like me likes. So she spread her thick but smooth thighs and asked if that's what I wanted to see. I nodded in affirmative, and she unashamedly closed her thighs and opened them again and moved very close to me. OMG! This time she invited me to be closer asked for my hand.

She took my hand and put it between her thighs. It was warm and little damp. Damp! She was not wearing her panties! it was not only warm and damp, but also really wet. I never had any idea that that such an old cunt can produce so much juices.

I massaged her labia with my fingers and then on her clit and when I noticed how horny she was, I pushed two of my fingers in her horny hole. Her slit opened easily and it really felt really good. So I tried to finger-fuck her. But somehow it was too uncomfortable; I wanted to feel more of her lust, I just wanted more from G, I wanted to fuck this horny granny to feel what it was really like.

She was not ashamed of anything, I laid her on her back. I pulled off her bra and these were the hottest may be 36B boobs with little sag! I ran my fingers over her nipples, which became even bigger and firmer and I started massaging them and pulled and lightly pinched. She moaned … and drew my head between her crevice.

I could play really nice with my hand on her cunt while sucking on her breasts. I pulled her labia and at the same time I nibbled with my teeth on her an inch long nipples, which have become so huge and got firmer now. Granny G got really wild. I immediately finger fuck her cunt but now I wanted to know exactly how many fingers I could put into her wet fuck hole. So I took the third finger and G groaned more and more unrestrained. Even the fourth finger she could still take in at ease. So I fucked her pussy with four fingers.

But G said, now it's her turn now and she took off my shirt and boxer. My hard cock sprang out with life, she gasped feeling its length and hardness. She ran her tongue along the blue veins of my cock. She took it in her hand and stroked at the same time with the other over my ball sack. She started to jerk my cock. Her jerking movements got faster and faster, but only until she noticed that I was about to cum.

G locked with her fingers firmly under my glans and looked at me, I ejaculated in gushes. After my cock softened a bit, she began to lick my cock and to clasp it into her mouth, sucking and stroking... This grandma G actually know to suck a dick and she did it real good, and I was loud when I came into her mouth.

We had rest of the pie and relaxed for sometime but now I finally wanted to fuck her as I never had fucked an old meaty cunt. So I laid her on her back on the sofa, thighs spread wide. I massaged her engorged pussy lips with foamy cream topping taken out of the pie. I sucked her sweetened thick lips. She came hard on my mouth squirting spurts of pees! I could wait no longer and put myself between her thighs and slowly pushed my throbbing cock into her wet canal.

I was able to dive my cock easily into her slippery warm cunt to its end. I started to fuck her up and down. My hands smashing her breasts which felt so good. I started to piston-fuck her for more than five minutes but I was so worked up that I dumped my load deep into her. I remained pressing hard my cock into her for some time. We now knew that there will be more warm apple pie with a lot of cream.

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