Needy Mom

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Often I hear my Mom and Dad talking, getting Dad off to work, he has to put in some long hours as the manager of his work. Get along well Dad and I don't, I've recently turned eighteen and after graduation I plan to join the Navy, a way of getting my college paid. Heard Dad say to Mom this early morning, "You can always use your toys.," as he was leaving out the door. Thinking of Mom using her toys I reached taking my cock out the opening of my boxers, thinking I'd get myself off before getting out of bed.

Today was Saturday and no school. Thinking of Mom using her toys, I was in no hurry, spy on Mom I had. Using her toys in my mind I could see her huge naked tits bouncing upon her chest as she rammed a dildo in and out of her hairy pussy. Mom quite the beauty, pretty face, dark long hair, shapely legs and a nice rounded ass, nipples as large as a man's fingertip, her large aureoles of tan only enhanced the sexuality.

No girls I'd been with could match my Mom's tits or sexuality in my mind, of course I'd peeked at Mom over the years and Mom doing herself, stayed constantly in my mind since seeing. Heard Mom's door open and close, waited listening if Mom came out right away. Slowed my stroking not wanting to cum too soon, the picture of Mom with her legs spread working the dildo was already in my mind, approached her door listening closely.

Mom could handle my huge eight inch cock, most of the girls I dated recoiled when feeling, the girth and huge head of my cock. Accidentally bumped Mom's door with my elbow as I was stroking. "Is that you Bill Junior," most everyone else calls me JR, Mom called out again when I didn't answer right away. "If it were your Dad, he would just burst right in," caught red handed again I didn't answer.

Mom came in all her naked glory and slowly opened the door, taking her time looking me up and down. Cock of hand out the opening of my boxers, I knew not what to say. Certainly had no words when Mom ran her hand over the huge head, stepping in close Mom positioned my hard cock between the two us, kissing me passionately without a word, Mom lead me to her bed.

"Mommy going to have to stop calling you Junior, you are not junior to him at all, you are at least an inch longer than your father, with much more girth. Take off your boxers and lay beside Mom. Mommy wants a good look at this thing," followed Mom's instructions unable to speak. Mom laid her left arm over my thigh, between my legs taking my cock in hand, curled around to where her flat hips were facing me.

Laid upon her side and opened her legs, giving me a wondrous view. Mom's pussy absolutely beautiful to me, mound stood out, way further than any other woman I had ever seen, her glistening pussy lips shown through. The mass of her pussy hair came nearly up to where her pantie line would be, I reasoned and the hair so beautiful ran down along both sides down to her tang.

Her most beautiful smile, Mom gave me when I reached to her pussy, immediately I was in love with the springy feel of her pussy hair. "Your Dad won't be home for ten to twelve hours, he told me not to wait supper for him. I'm going to take my time and enjoy this," over and around Mom watching my eyes as looked from her pussy to her eyes.

A nod of her beautiful face, Mom gave me permission to go ahead, caressing my hard cock very lightly with her fingertips, tracing the huge helmet rim, licked out the slit. Thumb and forefinger I spread Mom's pussy lips, moist and wet two fingers I slid in. Juicy, my fingers I licked, smile of Mom's eyes as she blew her warm breath onto my hard cock, with her mouth so close. My cock so sensitive it jumped of it's on accord, Mom's smiling. "WE don't have to be in any hurry," Mom ever so lightly tracing down to the base, gently Mom was jerking my cock so tenderly as she was caressing of a child, her child.

Every inch of my cock Mom caressed, over the top ringing the rim fingertips barely touching, Mom was teaching me about my cock. Always I had been a stroker and hadn't learned there was any other way to jerk one's self. Over a half hour Mom caressed with me exploring her pussy, smiling eyes ever to mine. "Mom," I called.

"Mommy knows, Mommy watching, Baby. Are you a virgin," I nodded no, Mom watching my face. "Have you ever had someone eat your cum," "No I answered this time," watching Mom's beautiful face. "Mommy going to eat your cum, Mommy wants you to see her eating your cum, make you fall in love with Mommy and you never want another's pussy," positioned to where Mom and I both could see my cum burst with such force I'd never known.

My cum enter her mouth, showing upon her lips, sucking my cock as it spewed rope after rope, my cock felt as if it spewed for more in minutes I couldn't count, in mind. Sucking and loving until she was sure she had all, mounted me of my back, riding me hard. My cock felt so sensitive, a sensitivity like I'd never felt before, by now my cock was regaining any stiffness it may have lost and my cock felt stronger up inside Mom, than I'd ever known in my young life. "Oh my god! That is the best cum I have ever eaten.

Mommy loves cum, Mommy is going to love you jacking your huge cock right into her mouth," Mom took my hands lifting up to her tits. Crushing tits and rolling nipples between my fingers, Mom had a huge orgasm. "Mommy going to feed you her pussy juices now," climax and finished Mom brought her pussy to my mouth, atop my face looking down, placing my hands to her tits. "Mommy cumming again," Mom called out and I lapped up every bit of juice I could tunnel down my tongue.

Taste of Mom's pussy was more enticing than anything I'd ever known. "We are going to fuck now," Mom rolled over grabbing a pillow stuffing under her ass and spread her legs with knees up. "Fuck Mommy, Baby. Make this pussy yours forever more, your Dad can't touch my pussy where you touching with your huge cock, Baby. He could never completely satisfy me anyway and Mommy is tired of using her toys.

"How many times do you jerk yourself off a day," Mom watching my cock sliding in and out of her beautiful, dark hairy pussy, I was in no hurry, long stroking. "Four or five time a day, more if I can't get you out of my mind, when you are wearing something really hot, like the day before yesterday. I didn't think you were wearing panties beneath the short skirt you wore.

"I wasn't, sometimes I just to have a quicky and run back to my toys. I may never wear panties ever again around you. Baby, you are making Mommy very happy right now. Mommy has never had a cock like yours before and that is the honest truth. "Mom, I know this doesn't mean much, me so little experience. I've never had pussy like yours before.

"That's good, Baby. Mommy going to make you a slave to her pussy, you are never going to want another after today," Mom breathing hard I saw she was about to cum again, I slammed hard. Mom exploded as I did dump a huge load deep into Mom's hot, loving pussy. "That's the best fuck Mommy has ever had, no cock has ever made Mommy's pussy feel, the way her baby boy just has and we are only beginning," a dreamy look to Mommy's eyes. Knew I would never deny Mom. "You know, you will not be joining the Navy, Right!" With my cock hard and buried in Mom," I answered, "Yes Ma'am."

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