Naughty Mommy

by Sara horny mom (MO)

Leaning over and spreading my feet, I grabbed the railing on the back deck, as Carson pulled my dress up over my back.

"That ass was designed for me to fuck." Carson chuckled just before he pulled my ass cheeks apart and slit right in on my asshole.

"Give me that fucking cock!" I growled over my shoulder. "Fuck my asshole!" I almost begged.

With one hand on my shoulder holding me in place.

Carson took his cock in his other hand and shoved it into my asshole.

"Fuckkkkkkking Jesussss!" I hissed as Carson's prick bored into my guts.

As soon as his prick was fully inside my stretched-out asshole, Carson grabbed two hands full of my thick blonde hair and started sawing his prick in and out of my asshole with long, deep, and powerful strokes as my body quivered and shook.

"Fuckkkk!" Carson growled as he hammered his prick into my guts as I whimpered in pleasure and my pussy juices flowed freely down my thighs.

"God yesssss! That feels so fucking good!" I cried enjoying Carson's veiny cock as sliding in and out of my asshole. "Keep fucking me!" I finished.

Digging his elbows into my back.

Carson pulled my hair harder and rammed his big cock into my guts harder.

"Fuckkkk! You dirty anal-loving bitch!" Carson growled in lust.

"Screw my bitch slut asshole with your big cock!" I cried.

Letting go of my hair with one hand.

Carson started swatting me on my broad ass as he pounded into my guts.

"You like that cock fucking your asshole, slut!" Carson growled.

"Yes! God yes! I love having my slut asshole fucked with your fucking big cock!" I cried in pleasure as a powerful orgasm ripped through my body.

Holding my hair like the reins on a bronc.

Carson started slamming his fat cock into my asshole as he swatted my ass making it sting.

"Take that fucking cock slut!" Carson growled.

"God damned bitch! Your fucking asshole loves my big fucking cock!" Carson grunted as he rammed his entire length into my guts hard as my juices flowed freely from my quivering cunt.

"God yes! Fuck my asshole harder! Make me take your big fucking cock!" I cried in pleasure.

Letting loose of my hair.

Carson grabbed both my arms at the elbows and pulled them back as I arched my back pushing my asshole at Carson.

"Fuckkkkkk!" Carson grunted as held me tight driving his cock hard into my guts as I whimpered in pleasure.

"Please!" I whimpered.

"Please? What? slut!" Carson growled.

"Please cum in my asshole!" I whimpered in need.

Hammering harder into my guts. Carson squeezed me tighter.

"Jesus! Please cum in my asshole. I need you to cum in my ass. I want your cum in my ass!" I begged whimpering in pleasure.

"You want me to cum!" Carson grunted.

"Yesss! God yes, please!" I cried.

Holding both my arms with one hand. Carson reached around me holding me tight as he started long stroking his angry prick into my guts.

"Oh, God Carson! Please cum in my asshole!" I cried as my Whole body spawned in orgasmic bliss.

Holding me tight Carson enjoyed my asshole a few more moments before I felt his large prick start to swell.

"Oh, God yes!" I whimpered. "Fill my asshole full of cum!" I dried in pleasure as another strong orgasm ripped through my body.

"Fuckkkkk!" Carson hissed as his thrusts started to turn eradicate.

"Oh, Fuckkkkk! Please fuck my guts full of cum!" I whimpered begging in need.

"Christ!" Carson grunted as his long powerful strokes started to get shorter.

"That's it! Pump my slut asshole full of cum!" I whimpered.

Two more deep, powerful thrusts and Carson almost roared as he jammed his prick as far up my asshole as he could get it and erupted filling my guts to overflowing.

"Fuckkkkkkkkkk!" I cried out in pleasure as one large, molten wad after another blasted into my guts as Carson held me tight shoving his cock deeper into my ass with little short, hard jabs as his massive cock twitched, pulsed, and oozed.

After Carsons' prick quit pulsing slowly and gently he started working his cock back and forth in my asshole as he held me.

"Jesus fuck! That was good." I giggled enjoying the feeling of Carsons' prick gently sliding in and out of my stretched-out, cum oozing asshole.

"And to think. You never wanted to try anal." Carson laughed as he reached up and squeezed my fat tits made me giggle.

"Well, you definitely changed my mind on that." I laughed pushing my asshole back on Carsons' cock and wiggling it. Enjoying the feeling of his cock in my guts.

Knowing Carson can stay hard forever. I twisted my head around smiling at Carson.

"How about you give my asshole a break for a little bit and we go take a shower so I can that big cock." I said.

"That sounds like a plan." Carson smiled as he pushed his hard prick into my guts making me moan in pleasure.

"Oh, don't worry Honey. You're gonna get back in that asshole tonight." I giggled blushing in lust.

"Beth. You're a naughty Mommy." Carson chuckled.

"I haven't begun to get naughty yet." I chuckled standing up.

"Come on. Let's go shower. Mommy wants to be naughty." I finished.

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