Naughty Aunt

by Anonymous

I was staying at my aunts one night she is single. I woke up about 9 pm when I walked in the den she was sitting there talking to Mr. Jones from down the road.

Mr Jones is married but his wife was out of town. She quickly covered herself with house coat I could tell she was naked underneath.

I said a friend of mine is picking me up for a party and I'm gonna stay the night there. (which was a lie) lol. She said I think that would be great. So I said goodbye and left.

I crept to the other end of the house my aunt has an old iron bed back there. She text me and said has he made it I said yes.

As I put my ear to the wall I heard them come in the room. She said we are gonna get real nasty tonight Mr. Jones I heard the bed squeak as she laid down on it.

He said this bed is loud I like that she said we gonna make the bed springs sing tonight my cock got rock hard.

Mr Jones said you know my wife won't ever suck my cock, my aunt said I can fix that straddle me. She went to town sucking.

Mr Jones said when you gonna get that new bedroom suite you wanted. She stopped sucking and said it will be awhile.

As she begin sucking his cock I heard him say we can work out a deal where you can get it tomorrow. I heard his cock come out of her mouth plop.

She giggled and said what kind of a deal I really want it. He said keep sucking, I was slowly masturbating. Well if you let me fuck you in the ass tonight we can agree on something.

Then I heard him say what's that nasty grin for is that a yes. Then I heard her say I think I can agree to those terms. He said ok I am ready to fuck that pussy now.

As they started the bed began slowly squeak and squeak then she said between the kissing just think you gonna be in my ass later.

That must have really turned him on because he went to town and the bed was squeaking so loud you could hear it a mile away. I was jacking off fast and the bed was getting louder.

Then she said it was time for that deal he said get on your knees. Then he said hear it goes he slid up her ass as she moaned.

He started slow but then she said bury it in my ass and get to work. He rammed it in and the bed started squeaking again. I came all over my hands. Was a good night can't wait until they do it again.

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