Nature Lovers

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Nature Lovers

Hello my name if Grace, my husband James and I have enjoyed hiking and camping since we met in our first year of college. Camping and fucking is what we truly enjoyed, the freedom of the back woods of a secluded lake or high mountain stream, fucking and fishing. Husband setting small game traps, the whole wild thing, catching and feeding ourselves, really a turned on.

Making me want to fuck even more than usual, sucking cock, pussy eating, fucking of the fresh air. My father and mother died of a car crash, of my first year in college and meeting James. By our second year I was pregnant, many birth control methods failed and James and I married.

By our son’s third year we were taking him along, usually to some place we knew and didn’t have to hike far, toting Jim. Hiking has kept James and my body quite toned, James joked throughout the years, how hiking has kept my large tits, 36 D’s from sagging to my navel. At age forty I’m very proud of my puppies and the attention I get, I’m not one of those gals that scream sexual harassment at every comment.

Why would I, the way I dress, rather enjoy men eyes on me. Comments of how great my ass or tits look, I enjoy though I’ve never cheated on James. James and I asked Jim, what he wanted to do for his summer vacation graduating of his eighteenth year. Camping and fly fishing of a particular high mountain stream, James and I both loved, the ideal.

Quite the hike to the place Jim wanted, we packed light, sleeping bags to sleep the trip up. A two day hike landed us in the place Jim remembered, I sent James and Jim to catch supper, while I sat up camp. Tent I needed no help as I was very experienced, ringing campfire and the whole thing, the trip up we fed ourselves of supplies brought along. There’s just something about fresh caught fish cooked of an open fire, James and Jim brought back six nice size trout.

Sitting of the campsite we talked around the fire, James spoke of setting snare traps for small game, Jim of fishing. Both wanting an early start, we were off to bed, sandwiched in between my two men of the small tent I was happy, only I wanted to fuck, remembering times of the past. Lightly dozing and waking, James snoring like a buzz saw, Jim restless too, tossing and turning. Double sized sleeping bag I’d lined the bottom of the tent, making a mattress, using the two other bags as covers.

Either way I turned, for I can’t sleep well of my back and I wanted to fuck. James of his back snoring, I poked him to roll over and face away. Sometime later as I dozed, became aware of a hard cock against my ass, Jim’s. Wanting to fuck I couldn’t stay asleep, waking James to fuck with Jim of the tent was out of the question, felt Jim get up to go outside relieving himself.

Reached over patting Jim of his backside, settling back in under covers, close against my butt. Still I couldn’t go to sleep, fucking of my mine, the fresh air and all thinking to myself. Felt Jim’s cock grow hard again, knew it wasn’t a piss hard with Jim relieving himself, pussy got wetter wanting a good fuck. I didn’t move, where would I move or roll to. Besides Jim’s hard cock felt good, the mood to fuck I was in, may have even pushed back a bit and heard Jim whisper.

“Sorry Mom,” but Jim didn’t roll away either. Jim’s cock felt larger than his father, I began to think Jim’s being hard because of his mother gave me a thrill, I have to admit. Jim sleeping of boxer shorts and me panties and t-shirt, why wouldn’t he get hard with his mother’s gorgeous butt up against him. Wanting to fuck, the thought of incest wasn’t bothering me in the least, rolled to face Jim. Reached taking Jim’s hard cock out the boxer’s pee hole, he was quite a bit larger, than his father.

Placed Jim’s cock between my legs against my panty clad pussy, pulled up my t-shirt and pressed my big tits tightly, against Jim’s chest. Kissed my son passionately, tongue of his mouth I felt Jim’s hand upon my ass pulling me harder into him and knew for sure. My son wanted to fuck his mother, came to the realization, I wanted to fuck my son.

Wanted to straddle Jim’s huge cock and riding him like a true Cowgirl but with James possibly waking, I turned, removed my panties backing my ass to Jim taking hold of cock to rub of my flowing juices, starting cock in. Took Jim’s hand from over my back laying of our sides to fill his hand with my aching tits, lay my head back against Jim’s shoulder and kissed his face with my hand to Jim’s ass, making sure his cock was all the way in.

Slowly Jim began fucking his mother’s wet, hot, wanting pussy, one orgasm after another. Soon as one orgasm ended I feel another building. Jim lasted long to my pleasure and I had to bite the sleeping bag covers to keep from screaming out of my pleasure. Jim came and the Sky Rockets burst of air inside the tent, cock stayed hard with Jim continuing to fuck his mother. A second time Jim came and continued to fuck his mother’s hot, wanting pussy.

I managed a kiss forcing my head around battling with Jim tongue, Jim’s large hand working my hard nipples. Long we fucked until Jim came a third time, I lost all track of time or how many orgasms I may have had. Felt as if I had orgasm more in those hours than I had with James for the past ten years, it was much like when I fucked my father, only better, my father could cum over and over, without losing his hard.

Finally the two of us was able to sleep, I dreamed of when I could get Jim home and his dad off to work, wanting to get my mouth on Jim’s cock so badly. Awoke to James’s hand upon my tits and his hard cock probing at my cunt, wanting a quickie. Knew I would have to keep both my men happy, rolled backing my ass to James, his cock slipped in and it wasn’t long James came going soft.

“I’m going out to sit some traps, you getting up,” James whispered.

“No, you kept Jim and I awake most of the night. I’m sleeping in and you should let Jim, sleep too,” I whispered.

“Sorry, I was tired from the trek,” lay wishing I knew how long James would be out setting traps, my mouth around Jim’s cock, I wanted so badly.

“Where’s Dad going,” I heard Jim whisper.

“Setting traps, you know how he loves to eat from the wild,” immediately pulled up my t-shirt pressing my tits to Jim’s chest, kissing him passionately, my cunt against hard cock. Leg over Jim’s hip I guided cock in, we could hear James moving around camp, making coffee and waiting light to come.

“Fuck Mommy,” I whispered to Jim, Jim noticed right away his Dad’s cum, still in my pussy.

“Sorry but I still have to take care of your Dad,” fucking James of the morning, just made me want to fuck my son more.

“We’re going to have to wait until your father’s not around and Mommy can get her mouth, around your cock. Mommy wants to eat your cum and make you her love slave. You are the best fuck Mommy has ever had, Baby,” it was true but hearing James of the surrounding woods I couldn’t give or receive, all I wanted with Jim.

“Mom, all the girls I’ve been with, pussies never made me want to keep fucking like your pussy, did last night. I’m afraid I’m already your love slave, it was like magical, Mom. Like earth shaking, Sky Rockets busting in air, every time I came in your pussy.”

“Yes, it was the same, is the same for Mommy. Mommy just wants to fuck with you, orgasm over and over. Eat your cock and fuck your face with my pussy,” I whispered kissing Jim.

“Mom, we’ll have all summer before I go away to college,” Jim whispering of the fucking, he wanted to give his mother.

“You can count on your mother coming to visit often,” I whispered as Jim blew up his mother’s pussy, with another huge load of his cum.

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