Nature Lovers Three

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Nature Lovers Three

Love this website, gives me something to do when I can’t get the cock I want. Always I’ve been a girl who absolutely loves her sex and I had the most marvelous thing happen to me two years ago, while on a hiking trip up to a secluded lake. Where my husband and son love to fish, I enjoy very much the primitive thing, cooking of an open fire, eating our catch.

Two years ago a trip up to our favorite place I learned my eighteen year old son wanted to fuck his mother, perfectly delighting me, as we were sleeping three to a two person tent, keeping weight down for the hike in. Sandwiched between my husband and son, I felt his hard cock against my ass and knew immediately his hard cock was because of me. John Jr. had gotten up to relieve himself, so when he came back and his cock hardens against my butt and I knew my closeness to him, was the cause.

Out of my panties I wiggled, raised one leg and reached behind placing his hard cock to where he could feel his mother’s wetness. Jr. got the message sinking his cock deep. Uncontrollable horny I sometimes get and by the time Jr. entered me I knew my son’s cock, was bigger than his father’s. Again perfectly delighting his mother, Jr.’s arm I reached placing under my t-shirt to cup my tits, husband John snoring like a freight train. I crooked my head around kissing my son passionately as he began fucking me.

Jr. lasted a long time as we couldn’t get too rambunctious for fear of waking his father, had to fill my mouth with the sleeping bag covers to keep from moaning out loud and again, perfectly delighting his mother. Another surprise awaiting his mother, Jr. didn’t lose his hard on after cumming inside his mother’s pussy, cranked my head around again, kissing him deeply matching his trusts, his father snoring away. Getting my mouth on Jr.’s cock constantly going through my mind, wanting to taste his cum, I do love it all, when it comes to sex.

I’ll skip over the mind blowing sex Jr. and I had after returning home and Jr. not starting college until fall, taking care of John and Jr. the summer long. My life, my marriage had never been better than that summer and at age thirty nine and many more to cum, wonderful times and I don’t regret fucking my son one little bit. John learned in college of my needs and strong sexual desires, accepting me as I am but of course I try not to push him, into a corner.

Back to my story, Jr. came in his mother’s pussy six times as John laid asleep, after the third time I had to change positions wanting my titties against Jr.’s chest. Kissing Jr. with my titties where I needed and his cock deep in my pussy I reached a plateau, I’d never reached before. Don’t get me wrong, I love fucking and all the orgasms I’ve had in my life but fucking my own son is the very best I’ve ever known with better yet to come, I was to learn.

Though Jr. and I fucked the summer long, me loving his cock in any manner he chose, and there were greater rewards coming. Spring of the next year Jr. wanted another hike up, all he and I had to do was smile at the other to know both wanted. I absolutely love talking dirty to Jr. as we fuck, telling him how beautiful his cock feels in his mother’s pussy and believe me my begging for his cock and cum has its rewards. On the second night of our second trip, after me first fucking my son, John wanted me to take care of him by giving him a blowjob.

What was I to do, I didn’t want my son taking his cock out of my pussy, the added excitement of fucking in the dark with a third person of the tent I managed curling around to where I could suck John’s cock, without Jr.’s cock slipping out. Sucking John’s cock with my son stroking his mother’s pussy so deep, a whole another plane my body and mind reached as John shot cum down my throat and Jr. filling my pussy.

In no time John was snoring away and Jr. wanted me turning to him, my titties to his chest and his cock buried deep, I wanted so badly, whispered how much I love fucking him. Wanted to shout, how wonderful my pussy felt but knew I couldn’t, kissed him so passionately bumping my pussy bone against his fuck bone. I’m pretty sure Jr. shot his load six times that night, it does become somewhat a blur, as many orgasms as I had.

Third night camping of that trip I wanted sucking John’s cock but snoring before I could lay down, settle for Jr.’s cock alone though I wanted another good time like the night before but as they say. Somethings are better left alone. Six times again Jr. delivered cum to his mother’s pussy, he swears he can never go that many times with anyone else. I absolutely love he can fuck me the many times but in my mind I wanted his father shooting down my throat as Jr. blows up, my pussy.

The wonders I have received since first fucking with my son there truly are no words to express, guess I would have to admit, I’m a total wrack case in most mothers eyes but the pleasures I receive, JR. fucking his mother for the hours it takes for him to blow up my pussy six times is well worth any doubts. As a matter of fact, those doubts were at rest by the time I realized his cock didn’t go soft just after shooting, his first load.

I also have to admit it does excite me to another level of orgasms, Jr. fucking his mother with my husband lying so near, and I received another plane I never suspected would come, the third trip up the mountain. The second night of our third trip up, John needs his rest after the hike, I lay with my butt up against Jr.’s harding cock and reached for John’s cock, founding him semi-hard.

I knew how to handle that, curled around to where I could get John’s cock in my mouth with Jr.’s cock deep in my pussy, took my time getting John off and learned I was to receive another, gift of pure pleasure. John blew down my throat as Jr. blew up my pussy, sending to me to that plateau I’d climbed the last trip up and John’s cock stayed hard.

“Roll over,” John whispered to me, now here is a dilemma, not wanting Jr.’s cock from my cumming pussy but how could I refuse John. Backing my ass up against John’s cock, I do have to admit it felt good, more than good having John’s cock though not quite as big as Jr.’s but none the less fantastic. Jr. managed of the cramped tent getting his hard cock up to my mouth and heaven on earth ascended down once again, in my life.

I’m very good at sucking cock, a great pleasure of my forty year life and if it weren’t for Jr.’s huge piece of meat down my throat I couldn’t have stopped myself, from scream out loud. With John slowly fucking me from the rear and Jr. already blowing a load, and the promise of this night was to be the greatest of my life I was like a constant orgasm, for the next hour.

John shooting his second load, Jr. had already pumped his second load down my throat, John rolled over going to sleep. Hearing John’s snores Jr. crunched down kissing me, passionate kiss of our tongues battling as I reached starting his wondrous cock back in his mother’s pussy. Hours more Jr. and I fucked until we were exhausted, John snoring away the entire time. John the next day whispered to me of camp and Jr. not to hear.

“That was the hottest and wettest your pussy has ever been.” Jr. asked with John at the lake fishing, “How was it last night, Mom.” Of course I answered with, “The best I’ve ever had!” Now just to figure out how to get both the men of my heart fucking me at the same time at home and not have to wait for a trip up the mountain to receive the pleasures I now so crave, my dilemma. Seeing John round a bend casting the fly and out of sight I was on Jr’s cock, sucking with all my skills.

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