Nature Lovers 5

by Erin (Texas)

Nature Lovers 5

From the first hard cock I ever saw I instantly wanted in my mouth and if there is any possible way I’m going to suck and taste cock before getting, my hairy pussy fucked. The hard rubbery head sends my pussy an overload of juices, readying my cunt for fucking, orgasm with never being touched but for the cock in my mouth. Absolutely love eating cum, sucking and the loving until I can draw out, the very last drop. The head of a man’s cock gets so sensitive after dumping his load, love watching the eyes as I work my magic, and some men will even pull back, the sensitivity becoming so great.

Learning my son wanted to fuck his mother and I could excite him to the point he could cum and keep fucking was the most miraculous happening, I’ve ever had. Hiking up to a mountain secluded lake my husband and son loved to fish, my men decided upon carrying a two person tent, keeping weight down. I was sandwiched between, when I felt my son’s cock harden, against my ass.

Husband snoring away I press my ass against into my son’s hard cock. Knew he wasn’t hard from a piss hard, out of the tent my son had recently gone, relieving himself and when he first crawled in behind me, he wasn’t hard. Wiggled out of my shorts and panties, reached over behind taking hold of my son’s hard cock and started him in. My pussy gushing wet and ready, I had to stuff my mouth with the sleeping bag covers to keep from screaming out of my delights.

Another fantastic thing I learned that first time, my son could dump a huge load of cum inside me and keeping fucking. Six times he dumped loads inside me, my husband and I use too fuck like that but after nearly twenty years of marriage I don’t think I excite him so much anymore though we do still have sex, quite often. A hard cock gives me repeated orgasms after orgasm and my son fucking me while my husband slept next to me, really sent me over the edge.

Home and having my son to myself for the summer coming before he started college in the fall, I slept wonderfully, until husband John awoke me. After him snoring all night and keeping Jr. and I awake, I said to him. I’m sleeping in and to my disappointment John shook Jr. awake to go fishing or I would have had Jr.’s cock in my mouth by the time John was out of sight. Absolutely loved my son fucking me with his father sleeping right next to me.

By our third trip up to our secluded lake I had my son’s cock buried deep, Jr. had to go slow to keep from making gushing noises of my wet, flowing juices, when John whispered to me. “Do me but don’t make noise waking Jr.” John wanted me sucking his cock, which I was very happy to do curling myself around to where I could get his cock in my mouth and not lose Jr. from my pussy. The massive orgasms I had with both my men cumming at the same time, I sucked every drop of cum from John’s cock, Jr.’s cock stayed hard and he kept fucking his mother as John began snoring.

Our fourth trip up the mountain, Jr. brought along his girlfriend Chrissy, he’d met of college. I was so furious wanting, if I could manage, both my men cumming in me of the same time once again but I didn’t know what a blessings Chrissy was to turn out to be. Moon lite night, it literally looked as if someone was shining a spotlight inside the cramped tent, when Chrissy said. “It’s getting too warm with us all in this tent,” sitting up from the far side of Jr., Chrissy pulled her t-shirt over her head, wiggled out of her shorts and panties. Climbed over Jr. to wedge herself between John and I, facing me with her shapely butt against John.

The girl truly has a nice set of tits and her dark haired pussy was well lit, I felt Jr. tugging at my loose fitting shorts. Chrissy was helping by pulling my t-shirt up and over my head, as if the she and Jr. had planned this night. When I heard Chrissy say to John. “It feels like you’re happy to see me, Mr. Jones.” John rose up looking over Chrissy, a smile and nod I gave as Jr.’s hard nine inch hard cock, slipped inside, my wet hot pussy.

Chrissy and I were literally laying tits to tits and pussy bumps to pussy bumps, the men fucking us from behind. I could feel John stroking her pussy as I’m sure she felt, Jr. stroking mine. Chrissy whispered to me again, “We are having a father/son fuck off. I am so much going to love being a part of this family. I love cock and I don’t get off on women but this is very exciting,” Chrissy smiling to me.

“Oh Mr. Jones, I love your cock,” very apparent Chrissy was going to be very vocal, holding nothing back. So proud of John, cumming five times in Chrissy’s pussy I climbed over her to sit atop John’s cock, kissing and telling John how I loved him. Quite some time, to my horrendous pleasure and John came again blasting another huge load in my cunt. Atop John I fail asleep but still thinking of my men, cumming in me at the same time.

Awoke the next day of early afternoon to find Chrissy of camp and the men fishing for our evening meal. John and Jr. having a good time from the noises coming from down on the lake, fish biting well and competition between the two. Accepting a cup of coffee, Chrissy was quick to speak of our night’s sex, praising both of their cocks and stamina. I told Chrissy of having both my men fuck me at the same time and wanting it to happen again but John wasn’t aware it had happened.

Asked Chrissy why she didn’t call John by his first name, after being so intimated, the past night. “It sounds so much sexier and taboo, calling her future father-in-law, Mr. Jones, with his large cock buried deep in her wanting pussy,” came Chrissy’s answer. “I truly hope I have a son like your son and I can incest fuck, the way you do,” a light I saw come to Chrissy’s thoughts. “I have a way we can make that happen again for you but we need a much more comfortable place, other than sleeping or fucking of a two person tent, sleeping four.”

Back home and rested for a night, of course John and I fucked before sleeping. The evening meal done, Chrissy asked if she could borrow John, a wink I sent to Jr. Into the guest bedroom Chrissy lead John as I undressed feeding Jr. his mother’s tits, I was needing my tits mauled, waiting for Chrissy and my plan. Undressed Jr. sucking his cock giving Chrissy a few moments alone with John, before leading Jr. to the guest bedroom. Where Chrissy had John lain of his back, cross ways of the bed, her atop performing 69 with John’s legs hanging off the bed from his knees down.

Quietly I came to the bed leading Jr., Chrissy raised her head from John’s cock and I took over the sucking and loving of his cock. Jr. got the message with my ass and hairy pussy exposed to him, his huge nine inch cock in his mother’s hot wet pussy. Sucking and loving John’s eight large cock, Chrissy face fucking John, my pussy a constant orgasm. Eating John’s cum, Jr. released his cum deep in his mother’s pussy, just the way I wanted. So thoroughly fucked well, I had to lie down beside John, Chrissy called, “My turn,” taking the positions of sucking John’s cock and Jr. fucking her from behind.

“I knew it was you the moment your lips touched the head of my cock,” I knew by his smile, John was pleased fucking with the children.

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