Nature Lovers 4

by Erin (Texas)

Nature Lovers 4

A few years ago while on a camping trip with my husband and son, hiking up a well-known California Mountain we’d found a secluded place of a lake, both my son and husband love to fly fish. Sleeping three to a two person tent was bit cramped but keeping weight down, hiking up was a necessity and I discovered the most wonderful thing to happen in my life. My son Jr., named of his father John, wanted to fuck his mother, I’d raised a Motherfucker.

Lying between my husband and son I could feel Jr.’s hard cock against my ass, feeling Jr. so well endowed, I was so grateful husband John was asleep and snoring away, nearly by time of lying down. Wiggling out of my panties, I was wearing only a t-shirt, panties and no bra. I reached behind me and started Jr.’s cock in my hairy pussy, at the first hint of sex, my cunt gets wet. Within the instant of penetration I knew Jr. was well endowment, like his father, perfectly delighting his mother.

Jr. and I had our first fuck with his father snoring away and I made another discovery, Jr. could cum in my pussy and keep fucking. This happens quite often with young couples first founding love but with Jr., it happens every time we fuck. So proud of my son, why it angered me so much our fourth trip up the mountain and Jr. brought along a girlfriend, from college. I was all pissed off the drive and hike up the mountain, my son smiling to me each time he caught my anger. My husband had not a clue, what was making me, so angry.

Our first night sleeping of the tent it was of a full moon lighting the camp and tent, knew I wasn’t going to get the fuck I so desired with the moon shining like a spotlight, upon the tent. Husband John first in the tent, his age and he and Jr. packing up the bulk of camping gear, did upset me, I wasn’t going to get to fuck my son with my husband snoring away. Thoroughly get off with the excitement of knowing my husband could awake at any moment and catch Jr. and I fucking.

Crawling in after John, Jr. crawled in with his friend Chrissy the last, it was tight and we could all feel each other’s bodies. I could hear Jr. and Chrissy whispering, this angered me even further, sure Jr. was attempting to get the cock I wanted into his friend. I would have to settle for John’s cock, not that I don’t enjoy John’s cock, we are only in our forties and I heard Chrissy say.

“It’s getting warm in this cramped tent,” sitting up Chrissy pulled her shirt over her head, beautiful young tits well-lit of the moon illuminated tent.

“Maybe Mr. Jones, it will be cooler on your side of the tent,” I could see her tits and hairy naked pussy as she crawled cross the three of us.

“It feels like you are glad to see me, Mr. Jones,” Chrissy was making no attempt to quite her voice, John and I looked to one another as I felt Jr.’s hand upon my tits.

“I like these boxers shorts, Mr. Jones. Easy to get my hand into,” Chrissy smiled to me as Jr. pulled off my panties.

“Oh Mr. Jones, you have a nice, big cock, I bet it’s eight inches and thick,” John and looking to each other, caught like deer in the headlights, Chrissy raised up looking over to me.

“If you and I, turn head to feet, we can suck cock with our pussies in their faces.”

A beaming smile from such a young pretty face, I realized Chrissy knew of Jr. and I fucking each other. John looking to me, knowing I knew Chrissy’s hand was to his cock, a nod of approval I gave turning to Jr. eager to get his Mom’s pussy, in his face. Moon lit tent and cocks in mouths, Chrissy was quick to cum as I. Each deep throat allowing the other checking skills. Both men came nearly at the same time with us girls swallowing cum, each of us showing the other, we could keep our men up.

“I’ve got to have cock in my pussy now,” Chrissy with legs thrown about, managed lying with her butt up against John, I preformed the same maneuver and now we girls were face to face between Jr. and John, hands groping tits.

“Pussy bumping, this is exciting, your cock feels so fantastic, Mr. Jones,” I felt John bump Chrissy hard, Jr.’s cock finding his mother’s pussy Chrissy whispered to me.

“We’re having, a father/son fuck off, tits and pussies bumping,” Chrissy kissed surprising me.

“Jr. and I plan to get married after college. I got so excited when he told me about the camping trips and fucking his very, own mother. I told him we couldn’t have the relationship we wanted unless I could fuck his father. Jr. said okay right from the start, you know he really doesn’t like, leaving his father out,” I felt John bump her hard again.

“Oh Mr. Jones, you fuck so well,” I watched Chrissy crank her head around kissing John, over her shoulder. Chrissy made no attempt of keeping her voice down, other than whispering to me, girl talk. Making every effort to bond.

“I really don’t get off with women but this tit and pussy bumping is exciting, getting fucked at the same time,” the girl was nearly shouting.

I cranked my head around kissing Jr. with my pussy blowing up, another huge orgasm from my son’s, large cock. Fucking my son openly with John fucking Chrissy, my pussy was blowing up with orgasm after orgasm, heard John grunt and knew he was about to cum. Watched Chrissy eyes glaze over and knew, she was enjoying John’s cock as I Jr.’s. After orgasms passed for the two of us, John and Jr. continued fucking our pussies I asked how Chrissy and Jr. met. Curious how Jr. knew Chrissy would fuck his dad.

“Oh, it was Jr.,” tits and hairy pussies bumping as the men fucked, Chrissy was quite happy to relate.

“Around campus I have the reputation of loving to fuck, as you can see. Jr. came to sit beside me of a party one night, I hadn’t made a hook up yet, checking the cocks available of the evening. Jr.’s opening line, “I’m looking for a woman just like my mother.”

“Does she fuck,” I questioned not really expecting the answer, I received.

“Yes, very well,” came Jr.’s answer.

“So you are Motherfucker,” Jr. nodded.

“Somehow I knew he was telling the truth and that got the conversation started. After testing his cock with my hand I said, let’s go fuck, we talked and fucked for hours. Jr. told me all about the camping trips and how he managed to fuck you, the first time. How I reminded him so much of you. After the fifth time Jr. came, he told me, you and I were the only women he ever been able to keep it up to go so many times. After Jr. telling me, I reminded him of a younger version of you, why he approached me, at the dorm party.”

“I told Jr., if we were to have a lasting relationship, I was going to have to fuck his dad. Obviously Jr. has no problem with that and I bet I had a hundred orgasms our first night, Jr. fucking me and telling all about the times you and he fuck. I really want to know what it feels, like having both father and son fuck me at the same time. Like you, both their cocks feel so wonderful.”

A big smile broke across Chrissy’s face and I knew this young woman’s life had been much, like my own. Cranking our heads round we kissed our men, fucking us so well, somehow Jr. knew this girl would be the daughter I could never have. Jacked up with Jr. bringing Chrissy on our trip I was but now, I knew she would fit right in.

After knowing John came five times in Chrissy’s pussy and Jr. still fucking his mother, I suggested Chrissy and I change places. I curled around taking John’s semi-hard cock in my mouth, sucking him back to full erection and climbed atop, sinking his cock deep, fucking my husband. Chrissy did the same with Jr.

“Six times, I’m proud of you John,” curled up in John’s arms and went into peaceful, restful sleep.

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