Nature Lovers 2

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Nature Lovers 2

Last spring, after my son graduated high school my husband and I ask John Jr. what he’d like over and above the gifts we bought him for graduating. JR replied a certain mountain lake we had hiked and camped, where the trout fishing had been very good. My husband and I have kept in shape by working out and hiking, taking our son on many such trips, living off the land as best as we could. Last spring the very best I’ve ever been on and I suggested we take another trip up celebrating our son completing, his first year of college.

Two days hike up to our secluded location, we sleep of sleeping bags around the camp fire of our first night up and John Sr. usually stays awake most of the night keeping the fire going and making sure we are not bothered by any wildlife, which has turn out fanatic on my part. Second night reaching the secluded lake we sit up a two man tent sleeping the three of us. Very tight quarters, I lay sleeping bags out for mattresses and using sleeping bags for covers, keeping weight down we pack in.

Sleeping between my two men turned out the most wonderful thing that has ever happen to me. John awake most of the night making sure I and JR were safe the night before, John fell asleep snoring so loud there was no way JR and I was going to get any sleep. Turned out a wondrous happening for me, crammed up close and my ass pressed up against JR. I’m a side sleeper and absolutely cannot sleep on my back, JR got a hard on. I knew it was a piss hard, he’d gotten up and relieved himself.

Laying there I realized JR cock was hard because he wanted to fuck his mother, managed to wriggle out of my panties, I wasn’t wearing anything but panties and a t-shirt. John Sr. snoring to beat the band I felt JR’s cock was larger than his father’s, I know my husband’s cock. Reached behind and started JR’s huge cock in his mother’s wet pussy. I’m one of those women that just the thought of having sex, gets my pussy wet, I had no troubles wetting JR’s cock to slip in.

JR’s hand I pulled over me and placed under my t-shirt to my 36 D cup tits, as JR slowly and gently fucked his mother’s hairy, wanting pussy. Keeping hand clamped to my tits and JR’s cock buried deep, I was to find out later JR’s cock was nine inches and thick where his father, only seven inches and also thick. Love John’s cock but JR’s another level of pleasure, touching his mother’s pussy in places John couldn’t reach. I managed to twist my neck around for a little tongue battling with my son, couldn’t keep that position long but helped JR with my tits, guiding him I had the most fantastic fuck, I’ve ever had.

Arriving of the afternoon JR and I kept grinning to one another knowing each other and what would take place, when John fell asleep. Tent sat up and the first to crawl in bed I didn’t bother with panties wearing only a t-shirt, of course I’d rather my tits naked and pressed against JR but that may be taking things a bit far. Difficult to keep John from knowing, if I were completely naked, my pussy wet by the time my two men came to bed. Wished John would fall to sleep, even in bed John didn’t’ want to shut up speaking of his plans for the morrow.

Finally John’s exhaustion overcame him and I turned to JR pulling up my shirt to feel my tits against his manly chest, kissing him passionately. John’s snoring drowning out any noise from JR and I, reached for JR’s cock. We hadn’t had much time for each other over the past year and I wanted my son’s big cock, badly. Leg over JR’s hip I slipped his monster cock inside his mother’s pussy, tits against his breast, kissing deeply. Tremendously enjoy fucking my son with my husband snoring away I’m one of those women who is truly blessed, as long as there is a hard cock in my pussy or mouth, I can keep cumming.

JR can cum and keep fucking, thirty minutes he lasted before delivering the cum I crave, of course I’d love to suck his cock eating his cum. Absolutely love eating JR’s cum over his father’s but will take whatever I can get. I love every nasty thing I get to do with my son, love his father lying next to me, asleep while I’m fucking our son. Love it when JR jerks his big cock shooting all over my face and tits, his hard cock back in my hairy pussy, letting him see me scooping his cum to eat keeps JR hard and fucking his mother.

Those have been rare times since JR been away to college but when we get home, we will have plenty of time I can express my love for him in all the ways I want. I’m lying between him and his father thinking of getting so wonderfully fucked by my son’s, huge cock. JR taking much of the burden off me climbing the mountain needed sleep and rest, after cumming in his mother’s pussy three times. JR swears he can only do, when fucking with his mother, I know I’ve never had another man who could accomplish such a feat.

I slept so wonderfully, the sex and mountain air, neither of my men were in the tent and I did awake. Coffee pot and sweet rolls wrapped of tinfoil sat by the fire, the sun high close to midday, JR down by the lake fly fishing for trout. Held up my coffee cup, JR locking my way keeping an eye out for when I awoke, his father nowhere in sight. A big hit nearly taking the rod from JR’s hand I laughed, after landing JR came, joining me by the fire.

“Mom, last night was so fanatic, I wish we could we could sleep together every night. Any of the girls I have met, don’t compare to you, Mom,” jealous I was but didn’t expect JR to do without because I couldn’t always be there to take care of his needs.

“Yes, it would be wonderful but I can’t quit your Dad,” a quick look around and I gave JR a loving kiss.

“Rabbit! I caught one,” John burst from the wooded area, he always sits snare traps and seldom catches anything.

“Rabbit or fish, I believe I’ll have the fish and leave the rabbit to you guys,” gave JR a big smile.

The day to play out and back in the tent between my two guys of my mind, JR’s huge cock back in his mother’s pussy. A blissful day the three of us had, JR and his Dad fishing as I cooked. Thankful nightfall comes early of the mountains. First to bed my guys came joining as total darkness came, JR’s hard cock probing, John hand I felt to my tits. I knew what this meant, the mountain air had John feeling frisky. Fearing John would reach for my pussy finding JR’s cock in his mother’s pussy, I whisper to John bring his cock to where, I could suck, John happy to oblige.

Lying of my side facing John, fucking me in my mouth, my son fucking me from behind. I hoped John would last long and knew my chances of that weren’t all that great but felt truly magnificent. Right I was of John and I don’t think his cum ever tasted better, John falling to sleep as JR blew up his mother’s cunt with a huge load and kept fucking.

Soon as I heard John snoring and sound asleep, I hank up my shirt turning to JR, my tits against his chest, leg over his hip, cock I reached starting back in. JR accepting my kiss, I knew he and I was in for a long night of fucking. Tongue battle keeping me from making loud noises of total satisfaction as my hairy pussy, orgasming time and again. Both my men and I love my pussy hairy, I never felt more loved than when I had both my cocks fucking me at the same time. Getting JR home and some alone time with my hairy pussy in his face, his cock shooting down my throat, heavy on my mind.

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