Nasty Neighbor Woman

by Anonymous

I wandered down the block to see if my friend was home. I walked into the living room and saw his mother laying on the sofa. Her house dress was completely unbuttoned, her large tits were sagging to the side, nipples fully erect and she was fingering her pussy. At last, I could finally see her totally exposed body instead of sneaking a peak when visiting.

I walked quietly over, her eyes were closed, she was softly moaning and the scent of her pussy filled the air around her. I quietly stood next to her, watching her fingers working her clit and also working deep inside her pussy. I instantly had a hard on, unzipped my pants, took out my cock and began jacking as I watched her.

Suddenly her eyes opened, she reached over and took my cock in here hand, jacking it for a few seconds. Then she took my hand and moved it to your pussy and slipped my young hand inside her swollen lips and masturbated with my hand. I instinctively curved my fingers to fill her pussy and didn't miss a move to reach over and fondle her awesome tits and play with her nipples.

She came with my hand several times, each one seemed to build and be stronger and stronger. She finally relaxed, smiled at me and brought my cock to her mouth and sucking my cock letting me cum in her mouth.

She said that I was to come over after breakfast the next morning and we would "get to really know each other".

The next morning I walked in the back door to the kitchen. She was wearing her house dress, completely unbuttoned and sitting on the table. She had me take a chair in front of her, spread her legs and hooked her heals on my shoulders. She smiled and said she was going to teach me how to please a woman. My cock was throbbing in my pants.

She had me touch all of her pussy, had me pull her lips open, slip my fingers inside her body, had me play with her clit and jack it like a little cock. Leaned forward to let me suck on her large nipples and taught me how to kiss and explore with my tongue.

She again leaned back and then had me kiss her pussy, taught me to suck her lips into my mouth and suck on them and use my tongue. I moved via instinct to to her enlarged clit. She had me suck it into my mouth and taught me to suck on it and use my teeth to nip on it.

With all that oral activity, she had several climaxed. I watched and learned as her pussy drooled down over her upraised ass hold. With it so wet, she had me slip at first one and then little by little all my fingers of my left hand in her ass as I enjoyed slipping my fingers in her pussy and simultaneously sucked and chewed on her clit. Even for the first time, I realized I had to hold her sex to my face with my fingers as she was wildly undulating. Ummmmm she tasted soooo good.

When she had calmed down a little, she had me take off my pants, stand up to her pussy on the edge of the table and guided my young cock into her pussy. It didn't take long and I blew my wad in her. When my young cock slipped out, she reaching in with her fingers, pulled out my cum and licked it off her fingers.

She stood up and told me I could come over any time and she would have sex with me. Over the summer and years, she and I fucked and absolutely enjoyed each other. I moved out of town for school. When I would visit home for the holidays, We would always suck, eat and fuck our brains out.

When I would visit, after our passionate sex and relief, she would always mount me cowgirl and we would share the sex we had enjoyed when apart. Of course her hips would undulate and pretty soon we were fucking again. She was awesome

We were definitely fuck buddies until she passed away several years later.

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