Nasty Man Adventures

by Tom Niles (Illinois)

There have been numerous guys that I have sucked off and jacked off with. Like everything else in life I have my favorites. Sometimes I don’t want to suck and prefer just a mutual masturbation session with cum eating.

Other times I really want to have a hard cock in my mouth teasing and pleasing it with my tongue tasting the sweet pre-cum and finally feeling spurt after spurt of yummy creamy cum filling my mouth.

It is very satisfying to me knowing that my mouth and tongue has given someone the amount of pleasure that it takes to coax a load of cum from an erect penis. I enjoy the changes a cock goes through when I am sucking and licking it. The balls go from loose and hanging to very tight and hard.

The piss slit goes from tight and closed to more loose and open especially when it starts oozing yummy sweet pre-cum. I prefer smooth hair-free cocks to very hairy and cut cocks to uncut cocks. There is nothing more arousing and tongue stimulating than an erect wildly throbbing shaved cock and balls pink with blood veins sticking out and clear pre-cum leaking from an open piss slit.

Just the thought of that vision makes my mouth water and my tongue and cock hard. There was one guy with a small thin cock that would cum sometimes before his cock was in my mouth. Disappointing to me and him. But I would suck him for about ten minutes and he would muster a heavier second load for me to eat.

I would rather a guy be totally naked along with me being totally naked as well. I want to see bare skin all the way around. I also want to be squeaky clean along with them. Body odors are a complete dick softener to me. A man’s butthole has to be douched and freshly washed if he wants me to fuck it or lick it.

The only other body fluid that I can drink lick up and swallow is pee. Warm fresh from the source urine is a huge turn on for me. I guess some people find it offensive but seeing someone male or female pee is a huge turn on for me and because of the many videos I have seen it is a huge voyeuristic turn on for many others as well.

The smell is not offensive to me at all and I love being pissed on while I jack off. I am a married bisexual and a total uninhibited exhibitionist. If I had a nude beach to go to I would be there everyday jerking my cock for anyone that wanted to watch me please myself and eat my cum. I like fucking a man or woman.

I enjoy being fucked because I love the full feeling and really enjoy feeling warm cum being shot up my asshole. What I truly enjoy to the maximum is jerking off alone or preferably with someone else male or female. After all who knows what my cock enjoys better than me. My next favorite thing is oral sex. I love eating pussy and really enjoy making a guy cum in my mouth. I totally love the taste of semen.

The problem is the human body just cannot produce enough to satisfy my hunger. I love looking at a shaved snatch the clit labia and the moist pink opening of the vagina itself. A females cum is also something that is yummy to lick up and swallow. I love nipples especially big ones. The bigger the better to suck and stimulate. I use nipple enlargement pumps on my nipples all the time . They are extremely sensitive and playing with them actually gives me a huge hard on.

I think I have sucked and licked many different sized and shaped dicks. The biggest cock I have ever tried to suck was as big around as my wrist and eleven inches long. My jaws actually hurt trying to get this monster to orgasm. With the help of my hands and tongue I got him to blast a huge load on my face and in my mouth not once but three times. I told the guy that he should be making pornos and he just laughed.

I had a young guy with a long skinny cock come over to my house three times a week for me to suck him off. He always wanted to just unzip his pants and I told him if he wanted me to suck him off he had to get naked like me. Another guy with a nine inch cock would come over three to four times a week to feed me his semen for lunch. We would shower together and he would jack me off while I sucked him dry. He was a heavy shooter and his cum had a unique sweet musty flavor.

I only wished he would have visited me every day because he was one of the few that could get me off with his firm grip and steady stroke. He knew what my cock liked and it was like he was actually enjoying jacking my cock just like he was pumping his own penis.

I had three guys at my house one afternoon watching me suck off each of them until they all had filled my mouth with their man cream. The first guy I sucked wanted to suck me off while I sucked the other two to a full ball draining orgasm. I told him I would much rather him jack my cock with his warm hands until I blew my load. He stroked my cock and indeed did make me cum and licked all my juices from my balls and cock.

I remember one time in particular when I was entertaining five other guys. We were all naked and playing with each other’s dicks sucking licking and fucking. The deal maker was that I would get to eat all the cum including mine. I was sitting on the couch stroking my cock close to cumming and one by one they stood on the couch in front of me and fucked my face. They used my mouth like a pussy and dumped their loads for me to eat.

One of the first to feed me started pumping my dick until I exploded all over my chest and belly. I ate lots of cum that afternoon . Then there was Greg a regular playmate, Greg loved my ass and all he wanted to do was fuck me constantly. He brought a heavyset woman with him one day and she just wanted to watch Greg fuck my hot smooth asshole .

That was kind of hot having a strange woman watch someone fuck me and cum in my ass. She wanted to see his cum leak from my puckered rosebud. Robert loved my mouth and wanted me to suck him off and swallow his creamy load and then watch me jack off and cum.

Vince had a perfectly beautiful eight inch cock that I enjoyed sucking. I loved licking his firm tight balls and teasing his wide open pee slit with my tongue. He was a really heavy shooter and my mouth could never keep up with his cum spewing cock loads. My face usually got covered with his cum. Then after I sucked him off I would lay down and start stroking my cock and he would tease my asshole with the extra thick head of his cock until I busted my nut which he licked up until it was all gone every drop.

I can remember seeing an ad on Craigslist for a group all male orgy. It was at a local hotel room. You had to respond to an email if you were interested and I was and did. I said in my email reply that I wanted to be in the bathtub being pissed on and cummed on by everyone there. I was rapidly responded to and welcomed to attend.

One of the requirements was a cost share of the room and total nudity when you entered the room and naked until you left. I took my place in the tub and had no idea that there were over thirty naked nasty men attending the orgy. At first no one was visiting me. Then all of a sudden I was surrounded by cock. Pissing hard cocks soaking me from head to toe with urine. The tub was filling with piss and I was bathing in pee.

Then a guy told me to suck his cock which I did gladly and he filled my mouth with his creamy load. Before I knew what was going on guys were jacking and cumming all over my body that was soaking in a bathtub full of urine. I never saw so many eager dicks in my entire life. I was the center of attention covered in man milk sticky with semen and there was no way I could eat it all. Some guys were taking pix of me with their cell phones.

Then they started washing the cum off of me with more piss. A couple of hours passed and it all was over. One for the books. I definitely had to shower off before I got dressed and left. A bar of soap later and a bottle of shampoo and I was on my way home. I still can’t believe I did that.

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