Naked Mom

by Anonymous

“Oh!’ Barb said with surprise.

Brad looked just as surprised. He had stopped by to see his mom that morning, and had let himself in the backdoor, and there was his mom standing there in the kitchen naked.

“I wasn’t expecting you,” she said.

Brad could see that.

“I just got out of the shower and hadn’t put anything on,” she explained. She smiled, not looking especially embarrassed. If anything, she looked amused. “Well,” she said, “now you’ve got to see your fat, hairy mom.”

Brad grinned back, glad that she wasn’t upset or angry. His mother really was not fat, just pleasingly full-figured, with nicely rounded breasts, each punctuated by a large deep pink nipple. Although, as he could see, she did have a surprising abundance of dark pubic hair.

“I … I think that you look nice,” he complimented, which received a pleased smile.

Barb then happily teased her son. “Are you going to take advantage of me being naked, and make love to your mother?”

Brad laughed. “Oh … is that allowed?” he teased back.

“Well …” she replied coy innocence, “you are over twenty-one, and so long as nobody knows …”

They both laughed.

He then careless added, “It might be rather nice and fun.”

“Oh. Okay,” Brad said, a little unsure just how serious she was being.

Barb took his hand and led him from the kitchen and through the living room, and into her bedroom. There she stretched out on top of the bed. Brad stood there awkwardly for a moment, and then started to get undressed. A moment later, when he was naked, he felt his penis stiffing proudly.

‘Oh!” his mother remarked, approving of his erection.

Brad joined her on the bed. They did a few small kisses on the lips, and he began to fondle her bare breasts. While he did that, she slipped his hand down to fondle his erect male organ. They slipped into one another’s arms and kissed some more, and Brad found himself on top of her. Her legs went apart and the next thing that he knew, he was sliding his exceptionally stiff penis into her inviting warm and wet vagina.

“Ohhh …” she breathed. “That feels so good.”

“It feels good being in you,” Brad said. And it did. It was so incredible to be lying there with his stiff penis fully inserted into his mom’s accommodating wet vaginal depths. He could hardly believe that eh was doing this with his own mother, nor just how exciting it was.

Slowly he began to move in and out and his efforts made her moan softly again.

Brad continued to do this and very quickly he was rewarded as he felt his mother tense beneath him, arching her back, and he heard her gasp.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!” Barb panted and clutched at her son as she climaxed. Her orgasm was unbelievably intense and she felt overwhelmed by it, savoring how her own son’s rigid erection felt deep inside of her.

Brad continued to fuck her, pumping her very quickly and feeling the urgency growing within his male length. Then he was suddenly ejaculating, and it was so incredible to be giving his mother his sperm-filled semen.

“Uhhh!” he grunted as his penis pulsed again and again.

Then it was over. They both laid there breathing hard and when they had recovered enough to realize how successful they had been, they smiled at one another.

“Oh … that felt so good,” she told him with a grateful look to her large dark eyes.

Brad grinned, feeling justifiably proud that he had just satisfied his mother and had fucked his sperm into her with a pleased sense of male gratification over doing so. His penis was still filling her vaginal depths and when they looked at each other, it was with a delight over the shared intimacy and their doing this as mother and son. Nothing could be better.

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