Naked Mom in the Morning

by Sandi (NY, NY)

Jason was walking past the door to his mom’s room, which was open just a little bit. Enough for him to see that she was standing there naked, and enough for her to see him noticing.

She smiled and laughed. “It’s okay,” she said. ”I’m not shy.”

“Oh,” Jason said, a bit self-consciously over seeing his mom naked. He had not intended to stare or anything. It was just that as he had been going past he could not help but to notice. Apparently his mom had no problem with that.

His mom stepped over to the open the door more fully, showing that she had nothing to hide. “It’s just your mom without clothes,” she said in a perfectly straightforward manner.

“Um… yeah,” Jason said. He could see that and he felt naturally modest.

“I don’t mind if you see me naked,” she said. “After all, your father’s not here.”

His parents had gotten divorced six months ago, and now it was just him and his mom. He had his mom had always gotten along. His dad had been a difficult person to get along with, and the fact that he was no longer there really made life much easier and happier, if the truth be known. Jason certainly knew that his mom was much happier now, although he was a little surprised by her uninhibited attitude that morning.

He could see that his mom looked amused to be standing there naked like that in front of him, obviously enjoying the fun of doing that.

Jason smiled a little shyly. He had never seen his mom naked before. She was tall, with short dark hair, not fat, but a little on the chunky and curvy side, with large full breasts, and a dab of dark pubic hair.

Being entirely practical Carol said, “You don’t have to feel embarrassed.”

“Yeah. I guess,” Jason said.

Hi mom gave him something a teasing look. ”I mean, you could have your clothes off. I wouldn’t mind.”

“You mean … be naked, too?” Jason questioned.

His mom laughed. “That’s usually what having your clothes off means,” she confirmed.

“Oh,” said Jason, trying not to blush.

“Like I said … you father’s not here. We could be naked together. Lots of mothers and sons do things like that together. It’s just something that nobody talks about.”

“I … I suppose,” Jason replied.

Quite nonchalantly she added, “It’s kind of special for a mother to be naked with her son. It can be nice.”

“Oh,” Jason said again.

She smiled. “And since I happen to be naked, I don’t see why you can’t be, too.”

“Well …” Jason responded hesitantly. “I guess that I could be.”

He had just gotten up a short while before and all he had on was a t-shirt and shorts since it was summer, and hew as barefoot. A bit self-conscious he tugged his shirt off and then slid his shorts down and off and suddenly he was just as naked as she was. He grinned sheepishly.

“It’s that nice?” his mom questioned, giving his bareness a pleased look.

“Yeah,” Jason choked.

As he stood there he helplessly found his penis responding in spite of his best efforts for that not to happen. His maleness stiffened and pushed visibly upright.

“Ooo… I feel flattered,” she said, eyeing his erection.


“Well,” Carol said innocently, “it’s flattering for a mom to think that she can give her son a boner.”

Jason grinned, glad that his mom was not shocked or offended.

“I don’t mind seeing that,” she told him. Then sort of delicately she said, “Do you want to take care of that with me? I don’ mind. You could real quick.”

She turned and went over to the bed to lie down on it, and smiled happily at him.

Jason stepped over to the bed his mom invited him to join her.

Jason got onto the bed too and found himself in his mom’s arms. She gave him a small kiss on the lips. Jason kissed her back and could feel the bare fullness of her breasts pressing against him. In the next moment she was spreading her legs and helping to maneuver him so that he was on top of her.

He felt the stiff projection of his penis nudging into the soft hairy folds between his mom’s legs.

Then somehow, effortlessly, his penis was pushing into her moist vagina.

He was surprised to find himself actually doing this with his mom.

She closed her eyes and put her had back on he pillow. “Oh, Jason … that feels so good.”

Jason began to fuck his erection in and out and she moaned.

It was so incredible fucking his own mom like this.

“Oh, Jason …” she breathed, her hands on his back as she lay beneath him with her legs apart. ”It feels so good doing this with you.”

“It feels good doing it with you, mom,” Jason told her.

The stiffness of his penis penetrated his mom’s female reproductive organ over and over, with her lubricating wetness making his insertions smooth and effortless.

Carol felt her clitoris, already teased to the point of arousal by her nakedness and the teasing fun of her being that way in front of her own son, now becoming fully erect. Its large smooth pink shape bugled outward demanding more stimulation.

“Ohhhh … Ohhhhh, yes …” she moaned. “Don’t stop! Keep fucking me!”

“I’m fucking you, mom. I’m fucking you,” Jason said, never thinking that he would ever use that word with his mom.

“Oh, fuck me hard! Fuck me hard!” she begged.

Jason jabbed his rigid boner deep into his mom’s vaginal sheath forcefully with repeated thrusts. He could hardly believe that his mom was being so sexual as she writhed beneath him wanting more.

“Uhhh … uhhh … uhhh …” she panted. Then she climaxed. “AHHHHH!!! AHHHHH!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!”

Jason was amazed to see his mom having an orgasm and by the thought that that he had fucked her to that point.

“Oh, yes … yes … yes … yes …” she panted as her orgasm eased and her body went limp.

Jason suddenly felt his boner ejaculating deep inside of his mom., delivering his semen in throbbing pulses.

“Oh! OHHH! OHHH!” Jason grunted as he experienced the gratification of actually ejaculating his sperm into his own mom as his penis pulsed nakedly within her vagina and he liquid shot out with intense pleasure.

His mom held him tight. “Oh, honey … yes! Yes! I want you to come in me!”

Carol savored that it was her own son in her and that she was receiving his sperm to make the moment complete.

They both then let out an near-exhausted sigh.

When she at last opened her eyes, she took her son’s face in her hands and Jason looked back at her.

“Oh, Jason,” she said a bit breathlessly. “I think that we’re going to get around just fine without your father.”

Jason smiled. ”I think so too, mom.”

The idea that he and his mom were going to be sexually loving as mother and son was wonderful.

This is pretty much the way that I first had sex with my son. I was recently divorced and one morning he saw me naked, and I really did not mind. I invited him to be naked with me, and the rest as they say is history. That was five years ago. We are happily living together and without guilt or any regrets.

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