Naked Martinis

by Sally (WA)

It was 1967. I was just average. Dark brown hair, not fat, not skinny. I was working in an office, along with about twenty other women. It was really a kind of boring job with a lot of typing. I was twenty-four, unmarried, did not even have a boyfriend right then. So what else was I supposed to do but to put my typing classes to work.

That was about it and where my life was.

Gail was thirty-two, tall, thin, had fashionably frosted blonde hair, and was quite the looker, who was efficient at her work, dressed nice and wore miniskirts and sling back shoes. She got noticed.

She was nice to me, though, always friendly.

It was five o’clock, a Friday, and it had been a long day and an even longer week.

Everyone we getting ready to go home.

Gail came over to my desk. She sighed. “I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to go home.”

“You and me both,” I said.

“Go home,” she threw in, “and have a naked martini.”

“What’s naked martini?” I asked, having no idea.

“A martini without your clothes on.”

I laughed. “Sounds like fun.”

“Care to join me?” she offered.

“Sure,” I said. I was in the mood for something fun or at last something different. I didn’t know if Gail as joking or not, but it sounded like fun and I was in the mood tog go along with it.

We left the office and headed over to Gail’s apartment. It was modern and swanky and I liked it.

“Well,” she said, as she set her purse down along with her keys and I set my purse down, “let’s get out of these clothes and I’ll fix us some martinis.”

“Are you being serious?” I questioned, still not sure.

“Why not? We’ve been working hard all week, We’ve earned a little bit of relaxation and fun.”

Gail made it sound like a reward and I supposed that it was.

I watched as she started to get undressed right there and I went ahead and followed her example. I was a bit shy, but not overly so , and besides I was with another girl. All girls together and that sort of thing.

In a minute we were both naked. I have to admit that Gail looked good that way, and she was very casual and confident about being naked.

“now, those drinks,” she said efficiently.

I sat on the sofa, which was a kind of gold color with a mild woven floral pattern. Gaul went over to cabinet and proceeded to fix a pitcher of martinis. She poured two glass, popped some olives in, and brought them over, handing one to me as she sat on the sofa, too.

She raised her glass. “Here’s to baked fun.”

“To naked fun,” I said and we both took a drink. I wasn’t much of as drinker and the martini tasted strong and was.

Gail smiled at me and I smiled at her.

She really did look good naked. She was thin and lithe, with small well separated breasts that had rather flat large darker brown nipples stretched out over them. She had an ample amount of dark pubic hair that was sort of wispy and spread out nicely. My breasts were fuller and decorated by two pink nipples that poked up and I had more pubic hair.

“It’s nice being with you like this,” she told me.

“It’s is kind of fun with a friend,” I said uninhibitedly. I rolled my eyes. “If they could only see us in the office now.”

“I think that friends are allowed to have some private moments,” she said in a breezy fashion. She reached out and touché my hair and her finger played with it. I wasn’t expecting her to do that, but I didn’t mind. I had another sip of my drink.

“You have the nicest smile,” she said.

I smiled modestly over the compliment.

She set her drink down on the coffee table and then she took mine and set it next to hers.

Then, without a word, she leaned over and kissed me on the mouth. I was really surprised, not expecting this. I felt her soft lips against mine. I almost started to struggle, but somehow, I found myself kissing her back. It felt nice.

“Mmm. And a good kisser, too,” she remarked.

I could only loom at her, not quite knowing what to do. Obviously, she had no problem in being this way with another female. I was sort of surprised by this and at the same time slightly intrigued. I knew about lesbians, of course. But they were these manly looking older women and men haters. Gail was nothing like that. She was young, attractive and feminine. She could hardly be lesbian. She was just a woman, was all that I could think, who just liked to have some naked fun with other women.

She was now fondling my bare breast, and I reached a hand up to feel hers. She kissed and sucked both of my nipples which felt so good. I did the same to her broad brown nipples.

Then she got down on the floor and was pushing my legs apart and I felt her mouth go between them. Her tongue was licking my clitoris. That felt even better. I saw that she was masturbating herself as she did this. Easily and skillful she brought me to a fast orgasm. I gasped and endured my release with unembarrassed pleasure. When I finished, she pulled her mouth away and was bringing herself to an orgasm with a tortured look of intense pleasure in her face. She gasped a little.

Then we both looked at one another in a pleased way.

I had never been with another like this before, and I was both surprised and just a little amazed by just how easy and wonderful it was. Naked martinis? Oh, yes, please!

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