Naked Coffee with Mom

by Riley (NJ)

It was early. The sun was just starting to come up, removing the darkness with a gray half-light. His mom was in the kitchen, standing naked at the large window holding a mug of coffee in her hand as she looked out at the trees and greenery, doing so in a contemplative way.

She was tall and had a slender build and short dark hair that just reached to her shoulders. In the dim light filtering in, her nakedness looked smooth and not abrupt.

Janice turned when she was suddenly aware that Cody was there in the kitchen.

“Oh!” she responded, appearing modest but not necessarily embarrassed over being caught nude like she was. “I didn’t think that you would be up so early.”

Cody was a little surprised to see his mom nude like she was, mostly not expecting her to be.

His mom had moved to Oregon a year before and had gotten a large older house out on the edge of the country. The house was somewhat dilapidated and in need of repairs, but it was comfortable. He was in his second year of college and having lots of room, she had invited him out, knowing how it would financially helpful. So Cody had switched schools and had been living there for the last month, starting the new fall term.

“I … I didn’t mean to intrude,” Cody said, seeing that his mom seemed to be enjoying a moment of early morning solitude.

“No. That’s okay. Like I said … I just wasn’t expecting you to get up so early. There’s fresh coffee.”

Seeing that his mom did not appear to be embarrassed, and was certainly not rushing off to cover up, Cody went to the counter and poured himself a mug.

She gave him something of a modest smile. “I’ve just gotten used to being by myself.”

“It’s … um, okay with me,” he said acceptingly, not thinking that his mom was being odd or strange just because she felt like being nude. He smiled back somewhat modesty. “I feel like I should be nude, too.”

“If you want to be …” Janice said, presenting herself as being equally as accepting. “There’s certainly no one around to see.”

Cody was barefoot and just wearing a t-shirt and boxers. She gave him something of a questioning look, as if wondering if he was going to join her.

“I … I guess I could be,” Cody said. The early morning light was soft and not betraying in the way that it would have been if it had been broad daylight, which would have made him feel more intimidated. Cody set his mug down on the counter and easily slipped out of his minimal attire, and suddenly he was as naked as she was.

Because it was not shockingly bright, the moment felt comfortable and not awkward.

Cody picked his mug back up and had a sip of the coffee, which tasted good.

Janice gave him the hint of an amused smile.

They had never been naked together before. That they were now, for the first time, made it something that was interesting to experience. There was a kind of inviting openness and honesty about it which was special to share as mother and son.

Cody stepped over to the window to look out at the view and they both sipped their coffee in silence for a minute.

“I can imagine what your father would say if he saw us together like this,” she commented somewhat mindfully.

“Oh. Yeah,” Cody said in a dour fashion. He had never gotten along with his father, who was a difficult man and very demanding and never much fun to be with. Obviously his parent’s marriage had not been an easy nor particularly good one. When they divorced had finally happened just after he had graduated from high school, Cody was actually glad. He felt that his mom deserved better than that. His father had since remarried and his mom had quickly adapted to having her own life and seemed content about that. “Well, there’s no chance of dad ever finding out,” Cody added confidently.

She smiled in a way that seemed unexpectedly just a bit shy and she quickly took a sip of her coffee.

“What?” Cody questioned, noticing her smile.

“Oh, it’s just … well, special for a mother to be like this with her son.”

“Yeah. It is for me too, mom,” he confessed, thinking that it was.

“You don’t have to call me mom. You could call me Janice.”

“Oh,” Cody said, never really having thought about this. Being older now somehow that did seem suitable and that it made them more equal in a less dependant type of mother and son relationship.

A tiny bit self-consciously she added, “And under the circumstances, I don’t know … it just seems maybe more appropriate.”

Cody smiled. “All right … Janice.”

She smiled almost girlishly. “It’s nice having you call me be my name.”

“It is nice,” Cody agreed.

“Although if it makes you feel uncomfortable …”

“No. I like it,” he assured and he did.

They had another sip of coffee and gazed out of the window.

It was becoming lighter now and more revealing. Cody noticed her breasts, which were medium sized and round, with pink-brown nipples that had a stout center point. He also noticed that she had a fair amount of dark pubic hair, and did not shave it, which actually looked quite womanly.

“Mmm … it’s been a while since I’ve had anyone to be naked with,” she remarked.

“Is that good or bad?”

“Oh, it’s very nice. It feels good.” She paused. “Although I don’t know if I should find being naked with my own son that enjoyable.”

“Why not?”

“Well …” she said demurely. “That might be too personal.”

“Oh.” He rolled his eyes."I was trying not to be too personal, ”he said. As he stood there he felt his penis starting to become erect, responding to the close naked rapport between them.

“Oh,” she said, seeing his development and what he meant. “You don’t have to be embarrassed about that.”

“Well, having it happen with my own mom …”

“Actually, I feel flattered.”

“You do?”

“Uh-huh. It’s special for a mom to see that her son can have an erection with her.”

Cody blushed just a little. “Well, I’m definitely having one.”

She smiled. “So I see,” she said, observing his handsome male display.

They put their mugs down and shared a naked hug right there in the kitchen.

“Mmm …” she murmured, feeling his stiffness pushing up against her stomach, as her breasts flatten against his chest, and they held one another with their smooth, soft bare skin touching.

They held each other for what seemed like a long time, just savoring how good that felt.

“Mmm …” she murmured again. “Maybe,” she said into his ear, “we should go into my bedroom.”

“Oaky,” Cody said.

They padded from the kitchen and went into her room and stretched out together on the unmade bed and kissed, their hands gently caressing each other as they did so. Their initial kisses were small, but as their lips touched there was a sensation of shared wetness. While they were doing that, Cody found his penis going into his mom’s vagina without objection. They continued to kiss while her reproductive organ enveloped and accommodated his with a desirable intimacy.

She put her head back and moaned softly as he began to move and she felt his maleness so satisfyingly deep inside of her. There was no lewdness or just sexual lust to what they were doing, but rather they were making love with both of them finding this so compelling to do.

It was just so easy to be lost to the moment.

Cody was responsive to her needs and used his stiff penis effectively to enhance her arousal until she was climaxing.

“Uhhhhh …” she gasped quietly. “Oh, Cody … Cody …”

Wave after wave of pleasure swept through her, delivered by her clitoris and spread to her vagina which was climaxing around the maleness of his hard penis.

Just as quickly Cody then took his erection to the point of ejaculation inside of her.

“Uhhhh …” he groaned, his organ wetly and satisfyingly fulfilling its purpose. “Uhhh … Uhhh …” Cody groaned some more with the gratification of giving her his sperm.

“Oh, honey …” she breathed as she languished in naked pleasure beneath him.

They laid there for a long time, just holding each other.

It had become daylight now and everything was plain to see, and that made it wonderful. Both of them quite unashamedly naked and together and in a way which felt so good and so natural. There was no reason for them not to be as many mothers and sons discovered. Of course this was private, just between the two of them and that was how it should be and that made it so special.

After they recovered and smiled at one another with enjoyable modesty, did a kiss on the lips, they got up and went back into the kitchen to have another mug of coffee, delighted with their new found naked freedom that was so nice to share.

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