My Young Friend

by Gardi (Brasilia)

I am into gay activities since my teen years. Now I am always attracted to young butts. In my mid-50s I am more attracted to younger butts. My experience goes that young men in their 20s are very horny and I can feel that just watching their face!

Thus I met this young man with nice ass cheeks, more like a chubby girl in the park sitting alone. We got friendly within a short time and found that we share many common interests. Next day I invited him to my place and after some drinks I changed myself into a loose short but kept myself bare chest.

He commented on erected nips on my hairless chest. I wanted him to stroke them …. He took off his shirt and came closer to me to touch my nips. I asked me to suck on them. As he did it, I had a great hard-on. He touched my throbbing rod as I pulled down his short to see his asset by asking him to lean forward resting his arms on the sofa.

He had two well formed smooth cheeks with smooth crack in between. I drew my finger up and down his crack. With a thumb and forefinger, I gently spread open the crack so that his pucker was in view. It looked inviting, like it wanted to receive a well lubed finger or a hard cock.

I kissed his rose-bud, he shuddered. But he needed to learn to like my fingers in his hole. I had to break him in slowly. I wanted his pucker more relaxed. When I first started, I was tonguing him, stroking his hard cock thrusting down my hand along with a lubed finger into his ass hole.

He soon started to convulse and climaxed, my lubed finger was there inside. My finger intensified his sensation. Through my massage, his asshole started to relax and his hole finally started loosening so I could get two fingers in and slide them past my mid-knuckles. Now it was time to use my role.

He must have been thinking about getting ass fucked. His asshole must had that special itch by now. I gently massaged his asshole using ample amount of lube. He now spread his legs, and grasped head rest of the sofa. His beautiful butt and pucker target were absolutely for me now.

Lubing my hard throbbing cock I put it against his hole, tucking it in just a little, then withdrawing, watching his hole nip at it. I pushed it further, held it, then slowly pushed some more. His muscle wrapped around my tip. He moaned. I could see him gripping my hand resting on his side tightly... I didn't know if he was feeling pain, ecstasy, or both.

My tip moved inward past his sphincter. My shaft easily followed. My balls pressed against his butt. I held still for a few moments letting his ass muscles adjust. I started slowly pumping forwards and backwards. I moved it in-and-out for some time, then I got into uncontrollable heat. I slammed at him, back and forth as fast and as hard as I could. He wiggled his butt breathing heavy and moaning …. Dady daddy aahhh!!

I was about to cum but tried hard to held back. I rammed with brute force, then held my last thrust against his cheeks. I spurted and shot my cum deep into his body. I withdrew completely spent. I looked down. He too spilled cum from his dick all over the floor. Oh yes, come with me, darling.

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