My Wife's Little Sister

by like2watch (Raleigh, NC, USA)

My wife and I got married when we were 18 and got into taking nude photos and swinging almost immediately. And we'd had lots of MFM 3-somes. It turned out another couple we knew were into the same thing only we didn't know it. Until one day Lynns little sister told her that a friend of hers at school had overheard her older sister telling her husband how she'd like to take some pictures with Lynn. And they were talking about what a sexy body she had.

At first it shocked us but when we saw her sister wasn't upset with what she'd heard we were kind of turned on. Because the couple who had said this Debra and Hank were our age and though Debra didn't have the curves Lynn did she still had a really sexy little body. An I could just picture her and my wife together. As Hank and I took photos and then me fucking the hell out of her.

Lynn had told her little sister Debra had been talking about going out taking pictures of flowers. And that saying she was sexy had nothing to do with pictures. There was one guy we'd had several 3-somes with who I knew was good friends with them so I ask him if he had told them about us taking pictures or being into swinging and he reluctantly said he had. And confessed he'd been having 3-somes with them too.

So I talked to them and ask they be careful what they say when Debra's little sister was there. They apologized and Debra even to show how sorry she was went down and sucked my cock for me. Soon after that we started swapping partners with them. And sometimes I'd go over when Hank was away and fuck his hot little wife.

But Sara my wife's little sister though a few yrs younger wasn't dumb. And neither was Debra's sister who knew they were swingers. So Sara knew what Debra had really meant. And figured we must be into swinging too. Sara already had a nice body and was turning older guys heads. And she'd always kind of tussled around with me just playing around. So one night after Lynn had gone to bed I come up behind Sara and she ask me to rub her neck. So I did and as I'm rubbing her neck she reaches up and takes my hands pulling them down.

She had unbuttoned her top and she placed my hands on her firm bare tits. I knew I should pull away but I couldn't. I squeezed them and she let out a little moan and told me she'd wanted to have me play with her tits for so long. Then she guided me around the couch to beside her where I could see them. And it surprised me when she slid her shorts off leaving herself nude and ask if I'd like to take some pictures of her? And of course I did, and fortunately the camera was close by. She took her shirt the rest of the way off and I took a roll of pics of her in several sexy poses. And some of her fingering her wet pussy.

And the last few I'd moved in for some close-ups and she'd noticed my huge hard-on and pulled my sweatpants down and started sucking my cock. So I got a few pics of her hot mouth wrapped around my big dick. And it was obvious this wasn't her first time sucking cock. Though that would have been hot too. But like her sister she was a master at sucking dick. It must have run in the family or something. But I fuck that hot little mouth and those firm young tits until I finally shot a huge load down her throat. And she swallowed every drop. She was only staying a cpl more nights but we put it to good use. The next day while Lynn was at work I was off and I took her little sisters virginity and we both loved it. And she even wanted me to fuck her again that night after Lynn went to bed.

And the last night she sucked my cock while her sister had dozed off a few feet away watching TV. We hooked up every chance we got over those years until she got married. And to this day I have pictures I took of her when she was young and banging her older sisters husband right under her nose. I'm sure Lynn would freak out but she'll find them one day after I'm long gone. Or maybe when I feel it's that time I'll get rid of them. But it's nice having a reminder of some of the sweetest young pussy I ever had.

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