My Wife's Affair

by Carl (Canada)

My wife Gwen and I had been married a little over 10 years. We had done a lot of travelling over the years and met lots of people. We were in Ontario when we met a man from Quebec named Pierre. I knew right away he had an attraction to my wife, and I'd fantasized about watching her fuck another guy for some time.

So when the time was right, I brought up the idea of a threesome to her in bed. She was good and horny so she was quite receptive to talking about it. I laid it on thick about how good she would feel having the two of us paying attention to her at the same time.

"Are you sure you'd want to do this?" She asked.

"Yes." I replied definitively as I plunged my cock deep inside her.

"Okay." She grunted.

In seconds I was pumping load after load of my cum deep inside her. Once we were done, she wanted confirmation that I meant what I was asking for and I confirmed it.

"So who's going to ask him?" She asked.

"I will." I told her.

Two days later I met up with Pierre and awkwardly set forth my proposal. Surprised, but excited he agreed. I arranged it for that Friday evening and told my wife to be ready. When I got home from work late Friday evening, Gwen was wearing one of her dressiest gowns and asked me if I thought it would be okay. If it had been up to me she'd have worn a sexy little short skirt or dress with no panties, but I guess she didn't want to look like a slut.

Our young son was sleeping by this time, so when Pierre arrived and we had a few drinks. I could see that my wife was uncomfortable having me right there watching if she was to get intimate with Pierre, so I made an excuse to go to the corner store to give them time alone.

On my way back I parked a few houses down and quietly crept to the living room window. Inside Pierre and Gwen were passionately kissing. Their mouths were open and their tongues were wildly whirling around inside each other's mouths. I had obviously arrived just in time as I saw Pierre's hand pulling up the bottom of my wife's gown.

My heart pounded with excitement as I watched him inch it higher and higher until her panties were in view. As his hand reached for my wife's pussy I saw Gwen's legs slowly parting. In seconds his fingers were pulling her panties aside and my wife's legs were quite wide apart to let him. Her bare cunt came into view and I watched him slowly slide two fingers deep inside her.

My heart was racing now as I eagerly watched him feel up my wife. A few seconds later they were laying on the couch and Pierre was pushing her dress up over her head. Gwen was helping him as best she could obviously as eager as I was to have him fuck her. I tossed the idea back and forth of walking in or staying outside to watch. It was a real delma for me.

I waited a little longer and watched them get more and more into it, then decided to go inside. Quietly I opened the back door and crept through the house until I stood in the doorway at the end of the couch. From there I could see his fingers plunging in and out of my wife's cunt clearly. Her legs were spread wide apart and she was humping her ass up and down against his hand.

Sometime while I was coming inside he had removed Gwen's panties so now her cunt was completely bare. My wife moaned and groaned in ecstasy as he brought her closer and closer to orgasm. Suddenly he began removing his pants which Gwen quickly helped him with. In no time he was climbing on top of my wife and sliding his cock deep inside her dripping wet cunt.

My excitement grew stronger and stronger as I watched him pump it in and out of her again and again. The thrill of watching him fuck my wife actually made my legs go weak so I stumbled over to the arm chair and sat to watch. About then Gwen realized I was in the room. Her eyes were locked on mine as he plunged his cock in and out of her cunt over and over again.

I could see the unsuredness on her face as he fucked her, so I gave her a smile and a nod to put her mind at ease. She continued to look at me but now she was obviously taking all the enjoyment of it she could. Each time he slammed his cock into her she would let out a loud grunt. Her hips began to move against his thrusts and the whole couch began to feel their rhythm.

His grunts and groans got louder and louder with each stroke deep inside my wife's body. Gwen also began to moan and groan louder and louder as he fucked her. All of a sudden he let out a huge cry, "I'm Cuming!" Still staring right at me, my wife reached down and pulled hard on his ass, forcing his cock as far inside her cunt as she could.

His body jerked wildly and I could actually see his balls contracting each time he shot another and another load deep inside my wife's cunt.

"Uhhhhhhh...Uhhhhhhhh...Uhhhhhhh!" He grunted as he filled her cunt with more and more of his cum. It wasn't till then that I fully realized my wife was also climaxing. Her body jerked beneath him and her pussy pulsated eagerly on his cock.

It lasted for several minutes, but I would have wished it could have continued for hours. Both their bodies convulsed as their pleasure slowly subsided. Eventually they just laid there hugging and kissing with his cock still buried deep inside her. I sat silent, letting them enjoy the moment as I watched him shoot the last few drops of his cum into my wife's cunt.

After several more minutes, he lifted himself off her and his cock slid from her hole. His sperm oozed openly from my wife's pussy and I couldn't take my eyes off this incredible sight. I knew right then that this was going to happen again and again. He obviously enjoyed fucking her and she clearly enjoyed it too, and there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to see him fill my wife's cunt with his cum again and again.

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