My Wife on Holiday

by Joseph (Channel Islands, UK)

We went to Greece for two weeks and rented out one of two apartments. There was a pool shared between the two apartments .Everything was nice and private just the two apartments and the pool.

Next day the second apartment was rented out by two guys around thirties. Both my wife and myself are also in our thirties. They were nice guys, very pleasant and easy to get on with. I could tell they both took a shine to my wife and she also liked them both.

I have to say we have dabbled especially on holidays with sharing and that kind of thing. My wife isn't a great swimmer so I was giving her some tips in the shared pool. It's an L shaped pool with the shallow ends around the corner.

One of the guys said he was a swim instructor and if myself and my wife was ok with it he was happy to teach wife .Well she agreed and I did as well. He gave wife a lesson and on the second day my wife and the two guys were back in the pool and they said they would give her another lesson.

They went round the corner to the shallow end as I lay on a sun lounger relaxed as I couldn't see the three of them anymore. After a while I could hear quite a bit of splashing and after a few minutes went to see how they were all getting on.

My wife was on her tummy in the pool with a guy each side of her holding her flat out in the pool One guy was groping her tits with one hand and the other had his hand right down inside her bikini bottoms between her thighs. Hats what all the splashing was .She was getting fingered and was loving it.

She had a cock in each hand as well. One guy looked up and froze then the other guy looked up and saw me and froze but I smiled at them both and they then smiled and I went back to the sun lounger.

Shortly afterward my wife came round to me and told me the two guys wanted to take her to their apartment and perform oral sex on her. She said they really both wanted to taste her as she was brunette and apparently that was their favourite hair colour.

She said I could come but just to watch .Isaid yes go for it, so off the three of them went with my wife in the middle of the guys walking the short walk to their apartment. I waited a while just to let them get started. Then I heard my wife gasping moaning and like sort of crying out.

I went towards the open Dorothey had stripped her totally naked. She was lying on her side and the two guys were at her orally Down between her thighs both of them. One at her front and one at the back. One of the guys was holding one of her thighs in the air so they both had access to her pussy and bumhole.

They were really going at her and now she was getting louder and louder shriller and shriller. I've never heard her being that vocal before. She was gripping onto the bedclothes tightly and I even saw her little painted toes flexing like mad as they we at her.

It was obvious they liked her taste. I could smell that heady musky scent as it looked like they were really devouring her. Then she yelled and cried out and I saw her whole body stiffen. She certainly enjoyed that for sure.

She called me over and hugged me couldn't stop kissing me and then asked me to take her back to our apartment. Her swimming never got any better but for some reason whenever they could they were at my wife orally.

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