My Wife is Actually my Aunty

by Sandeep (London, England)

Hi! I am Sandeep, a 28yrs old robust male. Once I had gone to meet my aunty Sangeeta. Aunty was 35yrs old. She was a widow with no children. Sangeeta was very beautiful. After dinner at 8Pm I was sitting in the lounge talking to aunty. She lived alone in her house. We talked for about two hours.

Then we went for sleep. My bed was in the room adjacent to Sangeeta. I had just closed my eyes when I felt somebody coming into the room and sitting on my bed. When I opened my eyes I saw aunty. Sandeep, are you asleep? she asked. No aunty I replied. I got up and sat beside her on the bed.

Our buttocks touched each other and I felt her feminine warmth. I caught Sangeeta in my arms. She did resist. I became bolder and took her in my embrace. Her big noobs were pressed against my hairy chest. I placed my lips on Sangeeta's lips and kissed her. She still did not resist. Our lips remained glued for a long time.

We both were enjoying the kissing and no one was prepared to break the kiss. We both embraced each other and then I started playing with aunty' s breasts. I pressed both her globes and aunty was enjoying it. She pressed my groin with her hand and gave me the message of what she wanted. I understood that she was getting aroused.

I placed my palm on her pubis and pressed to heat her. We smooched several times. Sangeeta was a widow so she was in the company of a male after a gap of four years. We played with each other's body for an hour. Now we both were aroused fully to unite sexually and consummate our mating. I got up from the bed and removed Sangeeta aunt's blouse and Saree.

Now she was in her petticoat and bra only. I removed all my clothes and was in banian and boxers only. I took Sangeeta in my embrace. Her breasts were pressed against my chest. Sangeeta placed her palm on my aroused and hard cock. She was feeling a man's aroused cock after a gap of four years. She wanted to hold my aroused and hard cock in her palm.

She told me to remove my banian and jockey. I told aunty to remove them by herself and I would remove her bra and petticoat. She agreed and we removed each other's undercover. In a second we both were naked. Sangeeta caught hold of my thick hard penis while I cupped her cunt.

Sangeeta aunty was holding a male penis after a gap of four years Sandeep, You are circumcised like a Muslim. I sucked Sangeeta's nipples and they were aroused. Ilaid Sangeeta on the bed and we took 69 position. Aunt took my cock in her mouth and sucked it. I placed my mouth over her vulva and kissed it. I separated her cunt lips and licked the inside of cunt and entrance of her vagina.

She was aroused and her love-juices started flowing copiously from her vagina which I drank. Sangeeta sucked my circumcised thick cock in her mouth until I cummed inside her mouth which she drank. After we drank each other's love juices were ready for copulation. WE change position and I lay above naked Sangeeta. I separated her cunt lips while Sangeeta placed the head of my cock on her vaginal opening.

She rubbed her clitoris with the head of my penis and smeared her love juices on my penis to make the entrance of my penis inside her cunt easy. I gave a push from above and my penis slided with ease into her vagina. She pushed her pubis from below upwards to make my penis enter her vagina smoothly inside. IN the next moment. We both were tied sexually like a two dog's. Yes we had consummated our mating.

After remaining tiers sexually for ten minutes I started giving the strokes. Sangeeta met my strokes. Really her vagina was very tight because it had not been used for a long time. The feeling was awesome and we both came simultaneously releasing our love juices. I filled Sangeeta aunty' s cunt with my sperm.

After the sexual intercourse we remained sexually tied until her vaginal muscles released the grip on my penis. Sangeeta got pregnant with my child so we married and started living together like husband and wife. She gave birth to a male baby. We are now a happy family.

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