My Wife Helps her Father in Need

by Jim Wilson (Longview, Texas, USA)

When we would go visit her father every month after her mother passed. It was our time to help him around the house 🏠. He was in his early 60s but was depressed about losing his wife. He didn't date anyone and was mostly alone until we showed up.

He was an early riser in the morning. We had been going up for over a year and a half. My wife had gotten used to sleeping in the nude and also did it at his house. The good thing about it was she was a sound πŸ’€ sleeper.

It was August and we went to visit him again to help around the house. He took us out to dinner that night πŸŒ™ and we got back around 8 pm. We sat around and talked and had a few drinks. I made my wifes just a bit stronger. Around 1130 pm we all went to bed.

My wife is a person who likes to sleep on her back and I sleep on my side. I had thought about what I was going to do for some time but it was never a good time. I woke up early before her father. My plan was to slowly start pulling down the sheets until I had her breasts exposed.

I started and was hoping that she wouldn't wake up. I was successful in getting the sheets blow her breasts which were in full view. The best thing was that her father had to walk πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ past our room to get to the kitchen. Finally I heard him and went he walked by I noticed that he looked in.

But he continued by. But he came back and just watched for a few minutes. I loved β™₯ it knowing he had seen her breasts. After he went back to the kitchen I covered her up.

Several months went by but nothing compared to that night. When we arrived again you could see the lonely look on his face. Again we help him out. That night we again went to bed around midnight. While in bed I started to play with my wife’s small breasts and stretching her nipples out.

She really loved that. I had her very horny and wet. I was talking with her about her father's situation. We both know that he had not seen anyone in two years. That's when I told her that she needed to do something for him. She asked me what can I do.

So I told her about some cultures were a daughter would have sex with their father. She looked at me and said she couldn't. I told her that yes she could if she wanted to help him out. Then I took the sheets and pulled them out her and told her to go to him. I told her about 5 times when finally got out of bed πŸ›Œ. I whispered go. I had one hell of a hard on.

She walked out of the room fully naked. It took her about a minute then I heard her father say what are you doing. She told him to be quiet and must have gotten into bed πŸ›Œ with him. I heard her telling him to squeeze her small tits. She told him that she couldn't take seeing him so depressed he told her that it was wrong and she told him it was not just enjoy the moment.

After a few minutes I started hearing the bed squeaking. I heard him telling her that it felt so good. He reminded her that he was not wearing a condom. She replied that she was on the pill and it wouldn't be fun if he pulled out. When he started to cum she must have had an orgasm to. From what I could tell they fucked again.

The next morning I got up first and made coffee then her father came in. I told him that I hoped he enjoyed his night. To my surprise when my wife walked in she hadn't bothered to get dressed. I look at her father and told him that she was there for him and all he needed to do was asked.

I told him that I didn't have a problem with him fucking her and he needed to take advantage of it. I told him that he needed to come to our house once in awhile. So I walked over to my wife and squeezed her tits.

Hope you all enjoy this one.

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