My Wife Anne Fish Goes To Work

by Chuck Emmerson (Port Acer's, Texas)

My wife Anne Marie tried meth one night. She told me it made her pussy instantly hot to a point she would cum twice before she could get naked.

Watching, I realized she wasn't faking, she would use her mouth, pussy, even let me ass fuck her while she used a hude dildo in her puss.

She could make me blast cum over and over till I was completely spent and she was watching porn still getting off. I knew I had enough woman to spread around.

Anne was then mid 40s blonde shoulder length hair small boobs but an ass a model would die for and shaved pussy that made a beautiful cherry from behind.

And the things that twat could do, HOT she understood a dick and would move slow and confident when she was horny, knowing she was getting her man off good.

One night I was working and overheard my crew saying they had a whore come bang them all and she wasn't all that so I ask how much it was worth and surprise me they had a grand for a gangbang.

They were a rough bunch that did meth also and would make a good showing on Anne Marie. So I set it up, she was turned on by fucking for a grand, made her feel sexy so she bought stockings, and crotchless panties with sex oil and new dildo big round as a ball bat!

With these items in her nite bag I brought her in our break shack before 1st break so she could do her stuff, get high, horny and be waiting.

I called my guys in and when they opened the door there was Anne Marie in the middle of the table legs spread oil all over her shaved twat slowly fingering herself.

They stood around her looking, drooling when she rolled over showing her ass eased up on all fours and ask who's got the biggest dick? Looking the buldges over. Mike butts stepped up and placed his 13inch cock in her mouth as she licked, sucked and tongued his cock till he admitted it was so hard it hurt.

Meanwhile she had unzipped a few more and had the whole crew hard and naked watching her work her ass humping up and down till one guy began licking her cherry, she exploded and spewed cum on his face and across the table moaning loudly ordering Mike butts to put that big mother fucker inside her.

Now on all fours legs spread as far as possible backing it up to mike he placed the fat head of his large dick inside gradually moving in and out as she sucked each one hard before going to the next one.

By now Mike has her screaming as he rams all 12inches in again and again till he yells I’m gonna cum! With a cock to one side of her mouth letting his jiz drip from her lips Anne grins and takes his full load in her puss.

She later took many more loads in the puss. Then on her back let all the guys take turned till all had pumped a full load in her mouth, or puss.

Mike said that was the best sex ever so she told everyone to watch as she sucked Mike to the edge again then pushing him on his back mounted his 13inch cock so that all could watch in awe as she slowly worked him inside her then handing the sex oil to the men telling them to oil her ass and stick a dick in it.

They took turns double dicking Anne Marie till daylight. She had me bring her to work many times, fucking everyone who wanted it. Even doing private shows and gangbanging big wigs at 5 star hotels. I still love watching her work a crowd!

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