My Wife and Son: Part 1

by David Cornwell (Perth, WA, Australia)

Hello my name is David and I am married with three kids. I am thin, 6 foot tall and my wife is 5ft10 inch tall with nice tits and thin and she does a lot of running to keep her steaming body. She has shoulder length light brown hair. Our kids are 18, 17 and 15 years old and have a son, daughter and youngest child is a son. I am 44 years old and my wife is 42 years old.

We live on the edge of a capitol city here and our property is 100 acres. My wife and I work in high earning jobs and after 21 years of marriage we still make love 4 to 5 times a week. I have a 7.5 inch erected cock that makes my wife squirt each and every time we make love.

This story starts a week before our eldest son has his 18th birthday and my wife said she wouldn't mind letting our son give her his virginity and I thought I would like to allow that as well as we had seen him wanking and his erection was about 8.5 inches long and thick as well. We talked some more and decide to give my wife to him after his party Saturday night. Our daughter and youngest son decided to stay with their friend's place after the party which worked fine for us.

The party started on Saturday at midday and continued till 7 o'clock that night and once everyone had left the three of us sat out back and talked for a while. My wife said she had a special present for him and would go and get it. 5 minutes later she walked out onto the back veranda naked and when our son seen her naked he blushed.

I asked him if he was a virgin and he said yes and my wife asked him if he wanted her to take his virginity and he blushed again as he said God yes. I went inside as he stripped naked and I went and watched some tv for an hour and then went to the veranda and he was on his back with his throbbing 9 inch cock inside his mother and she said my god I am cumming again.

I went and watched tv for another hour and went and checked them and they were in the doggie position as my wife dropped her head onto the floor as she had another massive squirting orgasm.

I went to bed and had a wank and went to sleep and when I woke up next morning my wife wasn't next to me and as I walked to the kitchen I went past my son bedroom and heard some moaning. I looked in and he was on his back and his mother was riding his erection and I went and cooked breakfast and just as I finished cooking they came in with their dressing gowns on. I asked them if they enjoyed themselves and they smiled and said God yes.

As we ate my wife asked if they could make love once or twice a week and I said yes but with conditions and she asked what they were and I said 1: they can but it was not to affect our marriage or sex lives. 2: not to have sex while our son and daughter were around and 3: respect each other and me as well. They agreed and I asked my son how many orgasms he had and he said 6 and my wife blushed as she had 11.

Over the next 2 weeks they didn't have sex and one afternoon I seen my son wanking in his bedroom to a video which I couldn't see. The next day I went to my son bedroom as no one was home and his dvd had a disc in it so I pressed play and it showed my wife on her bed wanking off and squirting twice. He had video taped this from a portion open bedroom door. I checked his chest of draws and found a dozen pictures of his mother in different position. I found out later that she had let him take some pictures of her naked to wank too.

We decided to go for a fortnight at the coast and my daughter and youngest son had a birthday party to go to so they would drive up together Sunday morning. We left Saturday night at 7 o'clock for the three hour drive to miss all the traffic. 2 hours into the drive my wife's phone beeped and as she read it she gasped and look into the back seat as I looked into the rear vision mirror and seen our son naked and half erected. I asked my wife when was the last time they made love and she said nearly two weeks ago.

My wife and me had made love last night so I asked her if she wanted to have sex with our son and she looked back and said yes. She climbed between the seats into the back and quickly stripped naked and our son attached to her tits as he fingered her snatch. He said my god mom your soaked already and she said God yes and once he finished sucking her tits he sat between her legs and slowly lick and suck her pussy lips. A couple of minutes later she moaned as her sperm flowed into our sons mouth for nearly a minute.

He lay down onto the back seat and his mom mounted his throbbing 9 inch cock and she had another 2 massive orgasms before he unleashed his sperm into her pussy. Once they finished my wife got dressed and joined me in the front and when she seen my erection out of my pants she leaned over and gave me a massive blow job and she drank every drop of my sperm.

End of part 1

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