My Wife And Her Gay Boyfriend

by Anonymous

Sarah and I moved so that I could take a job making more money than we could imagine or dream of at the age of 26. The problem was that I would average 80-90 hours a week. Sarah stayed home as I began working. Within a few months, Sarah had to find a job, not for the money, but to keep her sanity as I was home long enough to sleep during the week.

Sarah met Jeremy her first day as it was also his first day. They went through orientation together, had lunch together and really liked one another. Sarah is extremely attractive, blonde hair, 5’ 10” tall, athletic build with natural DD breasts.

When she goes to the grocery store without makeup, people take a look. I trusted Sarah and had no reason not to trust her. But, when she began talking about Jeremy all of the time, I began to wonder. For the first month, Sarah and Jeremy would have drinks with other coworkers one or two nights after work. Sarah even stopped by to pick up Jeremy a few times when his car was being worked on.

Becoming a little nervous about their relationship, Sarah invited Jeremy over one Saturday night. As Jeremy walked through the door, I became sick to my stomach. The best way to describe Jeremy is that he looks like and is built like a male model. The guy could get laid at a funeral, while the funeral was taking place and by the wife of the guy who just died.

We had a few drinks then ate supper and began talking. Jeremy had a lot of questions for me, like what type of work, where I was from and so on. I was trying to figure out his motive or his angle with the questions. When I began asking him questions, and a several more beers, I asked about his girlfriend. He looked at me like I was an idiot then looked at Sarah.

Sarah said, “honey, Jeremy is gay.” It would have been nice to know that for a number of reasons, but it was obvious I was shocked when I dropped my open beer on the floor. There was silence as Jeremy was trying to figure out if I was about to throw him out of my house. I couldn’t even say a word. Jeremy just sat there waiting for me to say or do something.

Sarah just stood there then broke the silence by saying she would clean up the mess. When I processed what he said, I said, “you are gay? Why? How? You could get all the pussy you want.”

My comment to him identified that I had not been around very many gay people in my life. Jeremy tried to explain it is just the way he felt. As he continued trying to help me understand, he threw me another curve ball. Jeremy stated he probably had sex with well in excess of thirty girls in high school and during his first two years of college, he made that number look small.

He found a woman he loved and got married. It lasted for two years then he could no longer fight the way he felt and he came out to her as gay. She was furious with him and began harassing him to the point he immediately moved out and had to call the police on her. His family was not supportive and his friends would not reach out to him. He told his wife almost exactly a year prior, so he has been struggling ever since.

I felt terrible for how I acted and what I said to him. With a few tears in my eyes, I stood up and gave Jeremy a hug as he began crying. It was an eye opening experience for me. I no longer worried about Jeremy and encouraged him to come over as often as he would like.

The two months following, my first time meeting Jeremy, he became a staple at our house. He was staying the night with us three or more nights a week. It was fine with me as I typically arrive home at 9 p.m. and left the house by 5 a.m. during the week.

On Saturday, I usually worked a ten hour day, so when I got home, Sarah would want to go out to a bar or something. That is where Jeremy was a savior. He began taking Sarah out on Friday nights. She was usually satisfied and willing to hang at the house and relax Saturday night.

Jeremy and I had become good friends and I was able to joke with him about the women he had in the past. Jeremy was staying with us so often that the spare bedroom had become his room. The closet had numerous clothes and the spare bath had all of his stuff.

So, when my job required our crew to travel several states away on a critical time sensitive job, which would require me to be away from home for 5-7 days, I was happy Jeremy was there for Sarah.

The night before I left, Sarah asked me in bed if I would mind if Jeremy would sleep in bed with her or if she could sleep in bed with him. It sounds like a strange request, but the two of them were always laying on the floor or couch together.

She mentioned that she was use to having me in bed and just wanted the comforting feeling of someone there by her. Totally joking, I asked her if she was going to wear more to bed than just her skimpy panties.

Realizing that I didn’t know, she informed me that she has been fully nude around Jeremy many times. I was a little shocked, but she said he will come in to talk to her as she is getting ready. “Well, I guess it doesn’t matter if you wear panties.”

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