My Wife and Her Dad

by Anonymous

I know this sounds amazing, but when my wife's dad, let us sun bathe nude in his end terraced house garden, with his neighbour also a widowed exhibitionist nudist, his neighbour peered over the waist high fence, as he chatted to us, and we saw him wanking, as he studied my wife's gorgeous tits, and fully shaven cunt.

Her dad had to wank whilst sitting in the garden chair, as the neighbour said, he'd love to fuck her, and my dad said it will happen.

We saw him cum as he wanked, and her dad promised him, that he'll soon be fucking my wife, whenever he wanted.

Even before we lost her mum with cancer sadly, before our wedding, her dad used to fuck her whenever he wanted, and on our wedding night, he was the first in her cunt, with me kissing her so deeply, even until he came in her, and let me have such gorgeous sloppy seconds, as she kissed him deeply, as I came in her.

Her dad, being comfortably secure financially, was so excited, to book a nudist holiday, at Camp Da Adge in Southern France, with our neighbour joining us as well, as a foursome.

The dad's neighbour, popped over one Monday evening, and joined us in bed, and fucked her silly all night, with me kissing her so lovingly between catnaps.

He was fantastic, and we begged him to stay the week with us, being as he was retired anyway, so he could fuck her, all over the house, whenever he wanted, just like her dad had done for two weeks, after the wedding.

Being on birth control, meant either of them, could flood her cunt, as much as they liked, and with me being such a proud cuckold husband, was so excited, to share her so wonderfully, even if it was her dad and neighbour.

When we went on the incredible nudist holiday, well before the Covid scare, down on the so called Free Beach, which was amazingly packed with nudist swingers, her dad couldn't wait to fuck her, as many gathered round to watch, and everyone could see it was her dad, and many were wanking as they watched.

When her dad came in her, everyone applauded so lovingly, and gave me a fabulous smile, then her dad's neighbour, took his turn, and fucked and came in her awell, as I bent and kissed her, and the once again, applauded so gorgeously.

Two guy's who looked liked close friend's, had massive hardon's, so I invited them to fuck her, and even as he was fucking her, his friend stood next to them, so he could suck his cock, until his friend came in his mouth, before he also came in my wife as well, to great applause.

Everyday for a week, my wife was fucked blind on that beach, without a wretched condom in sight, and it allowed me to have incredible sloppy seconds, that me feel so proud of her, with her dad and his neighbour, even fucking her in each of the three swinger clubs there as well, with many looking on.

Then came the lockdown, with us moving in with her dad, and sleeping in a larger bed every night together, and having a gate in the fence, so his neighbour, could even slip in bed beside us at night as well, and wake me with him fucking her.

Lock down, you must be joking lad, she was getting fucked senseless every night, and to me, it was pure heaven, knowing her dad neighbour, was fucking her, as if she was married to them both.

My wife adores me as a devoted loving cuckold hubby, even more so, and it has truly cemented our fabulous marriage, and encourage as many to follow our example.

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