My Wicked Dreams

by Carol (Florida)

Hi guys, I’ve been married to a wonderful man, Rocky for twenty years. I love to have sex with him and will do anything for him sexually. I have this one problem, lately I’ve been dreaming about being fucked by a black man.

I don’t know why this is happening but it is. It’s not only a black man but not the same one. There are so many different scenarios and it’s all over the world. I wake up so wet and horny that I have to have Rocky’s big fat cock inside me.

I’ve never been with another man since I met Rocky because his big cock is all I need. I’ve told Rocky and he says so what do you want to do. I mean I’ve seen many black cocks since we’ve been to nude beaches all over the world, but I never thought about one actually fucking me.

The first dream I had was that Rocky and I were on a nude beach. We’re laying there enjoying the beach and the beautiful water, when Rocky says lay down and let me put some lotion on you. I say ok and I lay down. I close my eyes and I feel Rocky’s hands running up and down my body squeezing my big tits, pulling on my nipples and I say to him are you trying to get me wet.

Then I feel two of his fingers inside me pumping in and out of me. Mmmmmmmmm I’m ready for his cock. He gets in top of me and puts his cock inside me and I hear a voice say to me are you ready to fuck my big black cock. I open my eyes and before I can do anything he slams his cock inside me.

I look over at Rocky and he says Carol enjoy yourself. I try to push him off me and tell Rocky don’t do this but I’m getting so fucking wet that now my protest turns into yes fuck me black man. Oh his cock was so deep inside me as he fucked me the way I like it, hard and deep.

Mmmmmm I was cumming all over his black cock when I feel him cum inside me. He pulls out of me, puts his cock in my mouth wants me to taste his cum then I wake up. I’m so wet and horny I wake Rocky up by sucking his cock and then riding him till we both cum.

Here’s another dream I have. Rocky and I love room service so when we order, Rocky makes me open the door with my short red satin robe on loosely tied so you can almost see my big tits. My next dream we’re at the casino and Rocky is gambling and I’m back at the room.

I wanted breakfast so I ordered and there’s a knock at the door. I put my robe on open the door and it’s a short older black man and he says room service can I come in. I say sure and he’s staring at my almost exposed, 34dds. He walks past me and brushes up against my tits.

This makes me a little excited. He sets the food up and asks is there anything else I can do do you, and I tell him yes can you please run a bath for me. He says sure pretty lady and he goes into the bathroom. I go into the bathroom and this man is naked with his huge cock in his hand telling me you bath is ready.

I knew I should’ve said something but instead I dropped my robe and climbed in the tub. My new friend started washing my back then moving the wash cloth to the front of me, rubbing my nipples with the wash cloth. I was so horny right now that I asked him to join me in the tub. He did and I grabbed his big black cock and started to ride it. OMG he felt so good inside me.

He pushes me off him and bends me over and I say yes baby fuck me doggy. He says I’m going to do you dirty and slams his cock inside me. I love feeling his balls bang up against my ass. I cum twice and then I feel his black cum deep inside my pussy. He got out the tub, dressed and left. This is the one dream that sometimes is reoccurring but with different people.

Rocky and I head to Africa to go on a safari. We’ve never been on one so I’m a little excited. We arrive at our hotel eat, then fuck, then shower together and get ready to go on safari in the morning. We get up the next morning, have breakfast, I put in a shirt tied at the waist no bra, shorts and no panties. The guides come and get us and off we go.

We go into the bush and see all types of animals. The guides point out all the animals, some you couldn’t see because they were in the shade because of the sweltering heat. My shirt was soaked and my nipples were visible through it. The guides were now concentrating on my big tits which excite me a little.

We arrive at this beautiful waterfalls and our guides say you guys want to swim. Their naked their big black cocks were hanging down. Rocky strips and says cmon Carol it’ll be fun. Ok I say to myself and I strip and jump in the water. All four of us are swimming around having a great time but our guides had something different on their minds.

We get out the water and one of the guides grabs my hand and puts it on his cock. I don’t know what to do so I naturally begin to jerk it. The other guide comes over and he’s sucking my big tits. Rocky is sitting there watching all this when the one guide picks me up and put his huge black cock inside me. I’m riding his big cock when I feel the other guides cock enter my ass.

OMG I’m being dp’d In the bush. I scream yes fuck me as these two monster cocks begin to fuck me senseless. It’s feel so good especially when all of cum and the guide in my ass cums deep inside my ass.

When I wake up if there was a black man in my bed I would fuck him. I know these are just dreams but I wake up so wet that the bed is soaked. I don’t know if hubby would want me backed, but who knows since he didn’t stop me in my dreams.

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