My Uncle Will And Me His Nephew

by Robert (UK)

My name is Rob, I am 45 years old and my, uncle took my virginity at a young age. It all started when we were at a holiday camp.

The showers were communal, and at the end of the line of tents and caravans. We had showered together a few times, but with shorts on.

This day we had decided to go on our own to a bay around the beach head, we strolled along chatting and joking, we reached the top of the cliff and rested for a few minutes, just looking at the scenery along with the great view.

Soon we got up and walked to the beach below. We had drinks and eats, then continued with our walk, back the same way that we had come. We reached the coastal path where there were some bushes on the land side and sea views on the other.

I told uncle that I needed the toilet, o.k. Rob, no one is around go in the bushes, I did so, soon uncle was at my side, he too needed the toilet, we stood there peeing he looked down at my nude cock, my that's not bad for a young cock, he said making sure that his was in view, it was the biggest and first adult cock I had ever seen.

With that we started to walk on. The conversation soon got around to talking sex, I told him that his was the first mans cock that I had seen. He smiled saying that, he had noticed that when we showered my bulge, got larger. His did too, he then shocked me, would you like to see it again?

When I told him I had noticed his too, I would not mind, if its o.k. and safe as not wanting to be caught out, Mum and Dad would have a fit. That won’t happen he assured me, two days later we arranged to go for a drive while the others went shopping.

We drove for about an hour, talking on the way about anything other than sex. Soon, we pulled up in a farm gateway, and uncle asked if I, wanted to carry on or had I changed my mind. I told him that I was looking forward to it, and that I knew all about male sex.

With that he started to undo his fly buttons, I started to do the same. Soon we both had our cock's on display, but semi hard, uncle reached over and took hold of my cock, I did the same to him, soon we were both ragging hard.

I must have shown some surprise at the sight and feel of a fully grown cock. So say nothing of the size of uncles, against mine. A good 3"inch in length and 5" round, and a head that was twice as big has my own.

We talked about the things we could do on a regular basis, if thing were to our mutual feelings, then it happened I shot my load hitting the wind screen, he then shot his thick spunk, all over his shirt. He smiled, I smiled my virginity gone. That was 31 years ago and we still do it.


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Jan 23, 2019
Great Uncle NEW
by: Anonymous

I am glad that I an not the only one that has an inquisitive uncle. My uncle took my virginity too. At first, I was a bit embarrassed but I got to really enjoy it more and more. I never got to suck his cock we just played around and jerked each other off. I would have loved to suck each other off. I am sorry I missed out on that pleasure. I pleasure my self all the time now thanks to him introducing me to the pleasurable experience

Dec 27, 2018
Totally delicious
by: Anonymous

I loved this story. I'm so hard and leaking pre cum right now. I would love to hear about all of your erotic moments for those 41 years. I wish I had such pleasure in my life.

Nov 04, 2018
uncle will and me again
by: robert

hi I, hope that you enjoyed my last entry. Well things were good all that holiday we also went out for a few more days and we had our pleasure each time. The most exciting was on the third day, we found a lane way off the beaten track, and out came our cocks, my smallish one and wills larger one. we sat there playing with each others hard cock. then will asked me if i would let him suck on my cock, this shocked my to here the words but i agreed. he had no sooner started to suck me than i felt myself near to coming, i told him so he just nodded, and soon i shot my thin spunk into his mouth. soon he let go of my now soft cock. that was good rob, you did give me a good mouthful of sweet juice. then he asked if i would suck him, if you want me to i replyed. i, began sucking on this big mushroom head and some of his shaft, i could not believe how smooth his bell end was, just like glass, soon he shot his warm cum into my mouth, the tast was salty un like mine, yes i had tasted mine, lots off times. this was someone else who was filling my mouth with cum. he with drew from my lips and i did just what he did i swallowed that rich thick mass for the first time. more later another time. rob

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