My Uncle and Me

by Anonymous

My uncle is 35 he is my mom’s younger brother i had turned 20 and thought he was very handsome and he had become a successful businessman and kept fit.

I had a job as a secretary and had moved in an apartment and i called him from work one day to ask him if i could borrow something from him and said sure and i asked if i could pick it up on my way home and he said sure.

I drove to his house that evening after work i was in a slightly form fitting dress and he let me in and smiled after he closed the door and told me how beautiful i had become i blushed and kissed him and thanked him.

He got what i asked him for and asked me if i have some time to visit and i smiled and said yes as he got us a drink and we chatted on the sofa for awhile about stuff and he asked if i had a boyfriend and i said not yet i had been a little busy with my new job and apartment and he smiled and said he understood.

He had always been a little busy to settle down also, he smiled as he put his hand on my thigh and caressed it as he kissed me and i kissed him back as i felt him slide his hand under my dress as we kissed and soon felt him rubbing my pussy.

I whispered to him we shouldn’t and he smiled and said it’s our secret and i said ok as he lead me to his bedroom he unzipped my dress and i took it off as he undressed soon i took off my bra and panties as he came over and smiled i got on my knees and lifted his 10"dick and said its huge and smiled.

As i sucked his dick hard I laid back on his bed and spread for him and he slid up and put his hands under me and lifted me up a little he ate my pussy and soon i cum for him and he positioned himself above me.

He then started to slide his dick slowly into my wet pussy i moaned as he filled me and soon i felt him push into my cervix as i moaned and smiled he was all into me he looked down at me and started fucking me slowly it felt so good as he kept going.

I layed there smiling up at him and i felt his dick swell inside of me and he pushed it back into my cervix and started to shoot his hot sperm into me filling my cervix and after he finished he pulled out and laid back and told me how wonderful it was, I smiled as his hot sperm felt good in me.

We laid there talking and decided to keep having sex as often as possible he asked if i did anal and i said yes and he got a tube of ky out and i rolled over as he lubed me and he was soon inside my ass fucking me and gave me another hot load of his sperm.

We laid there after i rolled over into his arms and as we rested he asked if i had plan for the weekend and i said no and he smiled and asked if i wanted to go out on his friend’s boat with them Saturday and i said yes id love it.

So he picked me up Saturday morning and i was wearing a bikini under my shorts and t-shirt and we met his friend on his boat and soon we out in the bay it was a nice boat and soon i took off my shorts and t-shirt revealing my sexy bikini as the three of us chatted we soon found a nice place out in the water to anchor.

His friend went into the cabin area and soon my uncle smiled and lead me there to and took me into a room with him there, my uncle was behind me and he slid his hand around and started to slide it into my bottom and he slowly started to finger my pussy and i moaned.

I had never tried it with two men before and his friend kissed me and i was getting hot soon they had me naked and on my knees and his friend had me slide his swim trunks down and he was hung at 10"and i started sucking his dick and soon i had him hard and i got my uncle hard.

I got up and smiled as his friend laid back on the bed and had me mount him as i slid down on him it felt good and i had him all inside of me when I felt my uncle start to lube my ass at first i was scared and soon he was pushing his dick in my ass filling me.

They both started fucking me, i soon felt like i was in heaven as they fucked me and soon they both were filling me up with their hot sperm and i came hard for them. We fucked some more that day before we went back and i showered when i got home and slept good.

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