My Uncle And I

by Jamie Forbes

On a warm summer afternoon no clouds in the sky as the birds chirp aloud my uncle Glen was working in the garage putting his tools together to work on the name is Jamie this is how my uncle pop my cherry.

As I enter into the garage uncle glen glance over at me from head to toe I was wearing a red and blue two piece bikini i walk into the garage to get my beach gears.

I was 18yrs old 5ft3 weight 135 pounds black long hair hazel brown eyes with a sexy waist line and sticky round booty.

As I start to bend over and pick up my gears for the beach my uncle just watched me and I got my things and left.

Later that day I had return from the beach sand was all over me and I was wet u could seen my nipples pointing thru my bra I went to take a shower as I enter into the bathroom I started to strip out of my bikini.

I didn’t close the door behind me I turned around to close the door only to find my uncle gazing at my naked body he then ask me if he could wash my back I noticed he had a boner.

I said sure uncle glen he came inside the bathroom and locked the door he get into the shower with me washing my back then he said it has to be a secret between us.

He hug me from backwards squeezing my 34c size boobs in his hands kissing on my neck then he turn me around and start eating my pussy then he stop and bathe me.

Later that afternoon he went back in the garage so I went to talk to him as I entered he said I couldn’t stop thinking about you he ask if I’m still a virgin i said yea he ask me for a hug.

I started to feel his boner press against me he ask me to lay on a table in the garage so o did he pulled off my pants and started to eat my pussy I’m moaning so loud.

My pussy is so wet he tries to put the head of his cock that was huge and thick and black about 11inch then the head went in, it hurt a lot but he moved slow in and out of me which made my pussy cream.

Glen was my aunty husband and from 2009 to 2013 we were having raw sex anywhere anytime we use to sneak on the beach together to fuck or go in the woods or when my aunty left for work.

We would fuck in her bed raw as much as we wanted my uncle started to fall in love with me my aunt started to notice something was up with us.

Many time my uncle had me bend over taken his dick and she came looking for us almost got caught making love.

After a while he wanted us to run away together but my aunty found out her husband was in love with my wet tight young pussy and she left him.

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