My Two Sons

by Beth (Texas)

I am a 46 year old divorced mom. I was married for 20 years and have been divorced for 5 years. I have a 29 year old boy friend and we have a great relationship. My two sons still live with me. They are 20 and 23.

My boyfriend tells me I am a hot milf. I am 5-2 123lbs, dark long hair blue eyes. My breasts are DD cup. YES THEY ARE REAL. I have fair skin no tatoos. I have very large nipples. I am a flight attendant for an airline. I have done that since 1998.

When I graduated high school I was a dancer for an NBA basketball team. I was only 18 and did that for years. I met my husband at that time. He was 10 years older. He exposed me to horny drugs and swinging.

We had group sex for 20 years. I was a virgin when I met him. I had jacked off my high school boyfriend almost daily. I am looking at an old vhs tape of him and another friend are really pounding me. He has 13 inch cock. It was the size of my arm. I miss having sex with him. His current girlfriend is beautiful and 25 years old. My current boyfriend is huge also.

We have done 3somes with his friends. I am playing with myself. My boyfriend wants me to hangout with his buddies. If they give me 3-4 aderal I will he there. Those boys will need Viagra. My sons are sleeping all day and partying all night. My girlfriend wants to come over and flirt with them.

My girlfriend is my age and totally horny. She gave my boyfriend a blowjob. My boyfriend loves her. She has blonde hair green eyes huge D cup jugs. She is very pretty. I have played with her before. I am not shaved. I am dark and hairy. She is blonde and hairy.

My sons have big dicks. They would be embarrassed if I said that to them. They got there cocks from there daddy. They do stronger stuff than aderal and watch porn in there room for 2 days straight. I know what they are doing. The 23 year old has a girlfriend and she told me what they do. She said that they have anal together. I would enjoy that.

They took my closet door off the hinges and watched my home porn. I was out on a flight. I found out from the girlfriend. I know they are little perverts, am ready for my boyfriend to bang me in my mouth. I love sucking cocks. I am going to play with my clit.

My mom knows that I have horny boys. She has seen some of my sex antics. I hope I look as good as her in 20 years. My ex said she is a grand milf. I know my brother is a perv. His wife says he cheats all the time. I think he is hot. I have heard stories from his wife. He has a porn cock. He is younger than me. I use to watch him rub his cock in the back seat of the car.

I pressed my leg against his dick the entire drive. We were under a blanket in the back of a suburban on a summer vacation. We did that every night for a week. My first time to touch a cock was his. He touched my boobs with his hands. I would do that now. He and his wife are coming to town next week.

I will be ready. I have fantasized about fucking my boyfriend while they watch. I am going in my son's room and ask him if I can watch TV with him. I think it is hot that they jack each other off. I would live to watch. The little girlfriend said she gets high and loves it.. She has big tits, but they are fake.

She is probably 27 or 28. I would love to play with her. She told me that she saw my pussy squirt on one of the videos. My boyfriend says when I squirt on his face it tastes like warm water out of a tin can. I will let you know what happens.

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