My Trip to an African Village

by Anonymous

I am a missionary in a remote part of Africa, I'm 25 brunette athletic build 28 d tits. I was asked to go to a village one day to see how the natives there were doing and see what they may need since we also provided some relief stuff as well so me and my guide went there and as we got out of our vehicle some of the native men came over and were looking me over.

My guide smiled and said don t worry they don t see many women like you and i smiled and we went to see the chief. we talked with him for a while and found out that he needed some help and he invited us to stay the nite so we agreed. as was there custom they put us in separate huts for the nite and my guide said to me that they would have a person with us spending the nite.

At first i said no but he said to do it was a custom so i agreed and a handsome well-built man came in later and he said to me that they had some troubles with an animal sometimes and not to worry the nite was warm and only wore a loin cloth he, i soon stripped down until my bra and panties and was ready to get some rest, he smiled as he noticed my attire.

I noticed soon after a bulge but he just smiled and i layed down on the grass bed there, he came over and asked if i was ok and i said yes as he caressed over my stomach it felt good and soon he smiled as he slid his hand into my panties and kissed me i moaned as i felt his finger slide into my wet tight pussy.

It felt great and i smiled he took off his loin cloth and i was amazed to see his 12"dick and i said i d never had it that big and he said no worries i could handle as slid it in my mouth laying there. he slowly mouth fucked me until he cum and i swallowed his huge load.

He then tool my panties off and spread my legs and slid his hands under me and he ate my wet pussy till i came and took mu bra i laid there he positioned himself over me and started to push his huge dick slowly into me i moaned as he did it hurt a little but soon i felt him pushing into my cervix.

Then he smiled as he started to fuck me it felt wonderful as he fucked me and soon he said he was going to cum in me as i put my legs around him i felt him slide all into me deep and then i felt the hot rush of his hot sperm entering my cervix and i cum with him soon he pulled out and laid next to me.

We rested and after i got him hard again i got on top and rode him till he came again and i laid down on top of him , he smiled and asked if i wanted to stay there in camp for a while so i said sure and made arrangements the next morning, my guide went to report back on what they needed as i stayed.

I went to the river and cleaned up and i went back to my hut and soon my lover came in and he brought a friend and smiled as he kissed me, he caressed my ass and whispered in my ear to get naked for them and i said ok i undressed and they both smiled as they took of their loin cloth his friend was as big as him at 12".

His friend got behind me and started kissing my neck i felt his dick on my as crack and after they kissed me i went to my bed and got on my knees for them i sucked their dicks hard and they had me lay down on my back they took turns eating my pussy and when his friend finished he started to fuck me.

I took his huge cock with ease and he slowly fucked me until he shot a huge load of sperm inside of me it felt great and soon he smiled and slid out as the my first partner got between my legs he slid all the way in and he was fucking me good as i moaned after a bit he came deep inside of me to and he told me that they were the only ones to be there as i smiled.

I laid there resting with them as there sperm leaked out of me his friend rolled me over and got some oil and he told e to relax as he started lubing my ass slowly at first i tod him i was a virgin there but he kept going till he lubed me good and then himself he then straddled me and pushed his dick into my ass i gasped as it slid in and he kept going until i felt him in my stomach before he was all in.

He then started to fuck my ass and kept fucking me steady until he unloaded his hot sperm deep inside of my ass he pulled out and i layed there exhausted, i then felt the other guy push his cock back into my pussy while i laid there and he fucked until he came again. The next day we made arrangements for me to live there and i stayed.

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