My Time with Aunty

by Ian H (Ohio)

My wife went to Canada to look after her mother in the summer for a few weeks after she had an operation I had some time to spare so I rang my 60 year old aunt who lived 200 miles away and asked her if she wanted me to do the repairs she needed to her fencing and other things. She said that would be great so I went for the week.

I repaired several items that needed attention and worked on her garden then aunty said she had a prearranged meeting and she would be away all day tomorrow until late evening so I thought I may chill tomorrow for a while.

Before she left she said she had a problem with her big wardrobe in the spare room and could I look at it for her so when she was gone I had a look at it, the lock was not working and 2 hinges were shot so I took the doors of and while I took it of I noticed it was full of lingerie of all different types long flowing beautiful pastel nighties, camisoles, slips and in the drawers they were full of knickers, suspenders, bras and a drawer full of stockings new and used and lots of silky scarves.

I was surprised to see so much underwear as i lifted the doors off I brushed against the nighties and they felt so dreamy soft and it sent a wave through me so soft semi sheer and pretty and it all smelt so lovely. I thought I wonder what it must fell like against my body and I also picked up a pair of pastel blue grannie type panties they were beautiful semi sheer soft and voluminous and aunty was about the same size as me.

I held them up against my face they were heavenly and I felt an urge to put them on so I slipped my shorts off pulled them up my legs, they felt wonderful as they slipped up my legs so light and wispy as they slipped past my cock which was starting to become aroused. I also picked out a lovely white suspender belt and matching bra and put them on then I picked out a pair of used tan silky stockings.

I slipped them up my legs and the felling was electric as I am practically hairless except for pubic area, my cock was now rigid. Then I picked out a beautiful long flowing pastel blue nightie and raised my arms and slipped it down over my head and let it fall, I let out a moan as the nightie as a new feeling swept through me as I moved about swishing the nightie.

I thought I had gone to heaven, then i brushed my long curly hair put it up then put my hair up in a pastel blue silky scarf into a turban, I paraded around and looked in her long mirror I thought wow you look sexy but something was missing. I sat down at her dressings table opened a drawer and found some make up and made my face up then finished it with a lovely red lipstick.

I paraded around for ages and as aunty lived a couple of miles out of town I need not worry about other people. I walked around every part of her house imagining living there dressed like this, I had never felt so relaxed. I ventured into the big garden and walked around in the sun. Then I went back into the bedroom and looked through the wardrobe and the one next to it and to my surprise there were a few sex toys in there, vibrators, big and small then a box which I opened and in it was a male torso with a huge cock sticking up.

It took my breath away and could not resist smoothing it and pretended to wank it and all sorts was going through my mind, and I imagined my lovely aunt using it put it on the bed then knelt down in front of it and could not help myself as I had the urge to suck it the huge mushroom cock. I was dressed like a woman so why not act like one as I slurped away at this monster of a cock pretending I was femme.

I got so carried away when all of a sudden I heard a voice, wow what do we have here then as I turned and aunty had returned unexpectedly as her venue was cancelled, she had a very big smile on her face. She said you look like you are enjoying yourself in my underwear and you do look stunning young lady.

Then came across to me knelt down beside me put her arms around me pulled my face to her then kissed me passionately as I felt he hand around my raging erection and squeezed it and said don't stop I will join you then she stood up unbuttoned her flowing dress and let it fall to the ground. She was dressed head to toe in pastel pink underwear, big silky panties, suspenders and bra all matching with a fabulous long pink slip, then she got down and pulled out my cock and put my leaking glistening cock in her mouth and sucked it.

I was in shock how could this all be happening then relaxed and let her take control of me she then got up took her big now wet panties of then slipped them down over my head, her smell was amazing then she got astride the torso and slowly sink down onto the huge cock and began to bounce on it , the noise was incredible then she got of and pushed my head towards the huge wet cock, open your mouth and suck my juices of that cock, I did not need to be told twice and sucked her juices of the huge cock.

Aunty said would you like it also I nodded and she slid my panties of put lube around my anus helped me up and guided the cock into my rosebud as I slowly backed down onto it , steady she said it may hurt a little until you get used to it, now rock a bit as it slid past my sphincter deeper and deeper with each thrust until I had it all.

I began to buck faster and faster and aunty took my cock back in her mouth sucking and slurping gobbling my cock as a wave of emotion and orgasm swept through me and I came in a way like never before and aunty sucked all my cum out of me then kissed me as we shared my cum.

She got on the bed placed the torso behind me laid back in front of me I sank back down on the huge cock bent forward as she pulled my face down and lifted her huge wet fanny up to my mouth as I licked her and fucked that huge cock in unison until aunty shook cried out wrapped her legs around my head as she went into a wonderful orgasm. She then positioned herself so I could fuck her as I sank onto the cock until we both came again.

She said my that was fantastic unexpected and wonderful we will do this when ever we can now I have a new niece, which we did whenever we could see each other as I went to stay as often as I could and she used to dress me up fully as her dresses fitted me and I could spend a whole day with her lounging around as a woman and sleeping in her fabulous nighties entwined with her all night.

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