My Sweet Grandpa

by Liz (Lake District, England)

Well, he was not my real grandpa, but a distant relative of my father – a handsome man in his late 40s, kind, generous and humorous. I used to accompany him in walking through the mountain trail nearby or fishing or swimming in the lake. Once I asked my mom and dad whether I can go on a hiking trip in another state on the next weekend. I got the permission and felt extremely happy.

As I grew up we developed a good bonding – emotional and physical. Over the next couple of years his hugging and kissing me felt different and I was becoming a woman more attached to this mature man. It was a summer camping and we shared a single tent with one pad to sleep, we didn’t mind. I often saw him naked as the morning breeze kicked the curtain up! I too got bold to sleep in my skimpy dress.

My grandpa and I often slept almost naked into our tent. This night grandpa and I were laying with our feet at the heads of the other, so when I spread my legs apart, my pussy opens for him to see - grandpa offered his hard cock to me to play with too. I massage his cock with body lotion as he did to my pussy.

As expected, my clit got hard and my slit slippery and the head of grandpa's stiff cock was appearing and disappearing in my fist as I slowly jack him off. I licked his pee-slit and tasted his pre-cum. He tells me that he loves to see my pussy like this - all open, fluffy and moist. In turn, I tell her of how I love being fingered my slit softly, not pushing inside, and how I have his dick all hard and throbbing being lubed with lotion…!

As we talk and talk he turns around, I got too horny and spread my pussy wide and then he puts his finger in me and makes me squirm. I roll on my side and grandpa knows to spoon with me and kisses my shoulders, put his cock head right in my pussy crack as I draw up one of my thighs up... rubs my clit all the way down to my butt hole and back - he tells me to take my hand and press on the bottom of his cock as so to apply more pressure on my very wet pussy.

I love him doing this, he loves it too, and we can go quite a while and no pain even with my thighs pressed tight together as he pumps me with his hard cock with fast strokes, grabbing my hip. We don't cum but we are VERY horny!!! He tells me that this is "foreplay" and that we have not started "fucking" as of yet.

So after a lot of heavy breathing and panting, I push grandpa's cock into my now very ready pussy hole. Now my dear, this is "fucking". Grandpa makes sure that I am comfy as he is "fucking" my eager pussy. He would go slowly for a few minutes, like he wants to feel every movement inside of me. I need to relax all the way now and let the inside of my pussy expand a bit.

Then I push him a bit deeper, and now I am so relaxed that I am fine with a little pain. Now that grandpa has his dick deep in me - he fucks me with short fast deep strokes hardly moving more than an inch at the end of my cunt. He must be pushing on my cervix at the bottom of my pussy! This feels really good for both of us!! This is making love, he educates me now!!

I feel grandpa's cock jerks inside me. Then his cock gives out several squirts as he grunts hoarsely and breath heavy. "WOW" I moan. I now get worried about getting pregnant. But grandpa tells me that he had a vas operation so that his cum no longer contained sperm. That is a great relief for me and during rest of our stay there we fucked and fucked …. OMG! There is nothing like being fucked by an older man!!

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