My Stepdaughter

by Bigten (Texas)

I got with someone that had an older daughter she didn't like me very much because she was the black sheep.

She was about 28 and was always in trouble her mom was tired of helping her.

A couple of years into this relationship her daughter one day out of the blue texts me she needs a few dollars for gas so I give it to her then one day her mom tells me she's going to move in for a month or two i say okay and she does.

One night we go out and come home alil drunk have some great sex she is 5'3' about 120lbs black wavey hair I'm 5'10 about 195lbs alil over 10inches very thick cock and she loves it.

She is very loud and verbal i love when she tells me Fuk Me and Fuk Me in The Ass turns me on to no end.

So a few days later I'm at home watching TV in my favorite shorts her daughter comes in says hey walks to her room comes out alil later sits in one of the chairs and says can we talk for a few minutes?

I say sure what's up?

She starts off by asking me if we are always that loud during sex please don't tell my mom I'm asking this stuff ?

I say well are you sure you want to talk about this with me?

Yes I couldn't ask my mom she wouldn't actually talk about this kinda stuff.

I say okay no Shes not always that loud we have to be in a very certain mood?

She says i have never done that ever i say well you haven't been with the right guy yet.

She say I'm 30 and I haven't had that kind of sex yet i have had a few partners big thick and small but they never made me sound like that lol.

I told her I take my time i don't get in a rush i love touching rubbing licking it ?

She says i listened to yall having sex and i cummed harder then i ever cummed in my life 3times.

Especially when I heard my mom say Fuk Me In The Ass omg I cummed so hard i almost yelled out.

She is telling me this and I am so freaking hard i know i couldn't stand up even if I wanted too.

Just sitting there listening to her omg i almost cummed myself she is 5'2" about 125lbs with a big butt not much on top but man very very sexy.

She notices me trying to cover myself and she says its okay i wanted to see it can i see it is it hard let me see it i object a few times but then i slide my shorts up and pull it out omg it was throbbing it was so hard the only thing she says is wow next thing i know it's in her mouth and she is going to town on it.

I have her gaging on it she drops her shorts plops on the couch and says fuck me hard omg i slid it in and she didn't stop moaning, cussing and cumming fir at least 15 to 20min. I slid it in slow stretching that lil pussy out she couldn't handle a full thrust in at first but once i got it in all the way i made her cumm so many times her whole body was shaking and i cumm all over her alil on her face stomach pussy and asshole.

Then she says do you want to try my Ass i said are you sure, yes I'm sure she gets up gies to her room and gets ky ummm ummm she turns on all 4's take it easy at first please omg i lubed it up popped my head in slid it in deep all the way to my balls she was moaning, cussing and I started short stroking it and reached around and started playing with her clit and she went crazy she cummed twice in a row so hard she tightened up her whole body it was amazing.

Then i started lil by lil i started longer strokes and pounding her ass fir another 15min or so omg she was cumming so much i had to slow down and cumm i cummed so hard in her ass omg I thought I was about to pass out.

She told me the next day thank you i have never cummed like that ever in my life and I have never cummed at all with a dick in my ass it was amazing.

You have one nice big thick cock omg you are amazing.

I hope you will Fuk me like that again one of these days.

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