My Step Sister's Best Friend

by John G (Fresno, Ca. USA)

I was home after just leaving the Army, one day my step sister Sara called and asked me if I wanted to hang out with her and a friend of hers? Sure why not?, So we met at a Mexican place for lunch when I walked in Sara was sitting in a booth with another woman I walked up gave Sara a hug she said let me introduce you to Kyra I turned and found myself looking at a beautiful blonde haired woman about 30 years old 5'6" and judging by the way she filled out her tank top and Daisey Duke shorts she was at least 38-24-36 with baby blue eyes.

We sat down and ordered lunch and engaged in conversation in which I found out Kyra was divorced with two daughters. She was very witty and laughed and joked a lot. At the end of the evening when we were leaving we exchanged phone numbers and parted ways as we left Sara kept asking what do think of her? I was like I really like her she is very interesting and attractive. Attractive, that's all you think of her? She's a 10 out of 10!

I looked at my step sister who was no slacker in beauty herself and said what do you expect? for me start fucking her right there in restaurant? She laughed and said you would right in front of your step sister wouldn't you? Why would you join in? that earned me a punch in the shoulder and a EEEWWW gross! We hugged and went our separate ways. A couple of days later I work up the nerve to call Kyra and ask her out she was like sure I was wondering if you would call! so we agreed to meet at the same place again Friday night. We met up and needless to say she was dressed to impress in her tight jeans, tight tee shirt and heels

We hugged sat down ordered drinks and food, as we sat there talking and sipping our drinks she smiled and asked So do you want to fuck me on the table now or after dinner? I spat out my drink she told you?! She laughed Yep we tell each other everything! We both laughed had our dinner and left as we were walking to our cars she asked would you like to follow me over to my place for a nightcap? I said sounds great and followed her to her house. Her girls were with their dad for the weekend.

We were sitting there drinking wine and she was asking about my time in the Army like where I had been, how long I was in, and then she asked how many girls I had? I had a few here and there why? Oh just curious and I noticed her glancing down at my crotch which started my cock getting hard, I took a chance leaned over and kissed her, she returned the kiss and soon we were making out like a couple of teenagers my hands ran all over her tits squeezing and rubbing her nipples that were poking thru the fabric and her hands were running over my chest and then down to the bulge in my pants where she rubbed and squeezed my cock to full erection.

She broke the kissing stood up took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom we kissed some more and I got to rub my hands over her perfect ass she stopped looked at me and said this may not be the restaurant table but I need a good fuck and judging by that bulge in your pants you need one too! we kissed some more and then I reached down and pulled her shirt off and on to the floor. I gazed in awe at her 38D tits as she wasn't wearing a bra and they were firm and high like a teenager's. I sucked on her nipples moving from one to the other they were hard and judging from the moans of pleasure extremely sensitive. She pulled me off her tits kissed me and then knelt in front of me undid my pants and pulled them down around my ankles.

My 9" cock now free from its constraints sprung up in front of her mouth, nice and big she purred and with that she began sucking me off she could only suck me down her throat about half way but with her tongue rubbing all over and her intense sucking soon had me at the point of cumming, I told her I'm cumming she looked at me with her baby blue eyes said give it to me cum in my mouth. She placed my cock back in her mouth and began jerking me off with her hands that did with a loud groan I pumped my load of sperm into her mouth, she swallowed it all licked her lips yummy that tasted good I pulled her up and told her its your turn and I pushed her on the bed stripped off her jeans threw them across the room and was treated to two surprises 1. she was wearing no panties and 2. She had shaved her pussy bald!

She smiled you like? OH YES I replied and spread her legs and buried my face in her pussy I ran my tongue up and down her pussy lips kissing and licking them then I spread them and began sucking on her clit. Her moans got louder and I glanced up and saw that she was pinching and pulling her nipples moaning God that feels so good keep doing that baby! She began bucking her hips up and down and with one hand holding my head on her pussy as I sucked and lapped on her clit after a few minutes I took my finger and pushed in her pussy and began fingerfucking her. That pushed her over the edge she bucked her hips up off the bed she shouted GOD I'M CUMMING I'M CUMMING I'M CCCUUMMMINGGGG! Her whole body went rigid as her orgasm flooded through her body finally after several minutes she collapses on the bed utterly spent she gasped, I have never came like that before! that was amazing! I kissed my way up to her mouth kissing her I asked are you ready for more?

She smiled sure, are you ready? I took her hand placed it on my hard cock and asked what do you think? she ran her hand up and down the shaft OOHH YES you are ready! she spread her legs as I positioned myself at her entrance and pushed my cock into her pussy OOHHH YESSS she moaned she was so wet I sank all 9" inches into her I paused kissing her while letting her getting used to me then I began to fuck her slowly at first since I had already cum once and i wanted to stay in this wonderful pussy as long as possible. The way her muscles contracted and pulsed around my cock felt wonderful as I humped her and the way she was moaning and moving her hips she was enjoying it too!

After about 15 minutes I began to feel the urge to cum rising up from my balls and began thrusting harder and faster she reciprocated thrusting her hips up as I thrust down so that our flesh smacked together finally the pressure was too much and we both came at the same time, I pumped a second load of cum into her as her pussy spasmed and convulsed around my cock milking every drop of sperm out of me.

We collapsed on the bed utterly spent and fell asleep the next morning I woke up first noticed that we were in the spooning position and I had "morning wood" since she was still asleep I reached over her body and began rubbing her pussy she began moving her hips and moaned I love this wake up call, when she was ready I rolled her on her stomach, entered her again doggy style and we fucked to another mind blowing orgasm.

UPDATE: Kyra and I began dating for a couple of years finally getting married 2001 we are still married, have great jobs and in addition to her daughters from her previous marriage we have added two more daughters and a son to our family and even though we are in our 50's we still fuck like two teenagers in heat several times a week.

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