My Step Aunt and Me

by Anonymous

My dad just recently remarried to a nice woman and one day her younger sister came over to visit my new aunt she was 25 and very well built, my parents weren't in both were out for the weekend so i had the house to myself and i told her this so we chatted for a bit on the sofa she was wearing a tight short dress.

I told her how nice she looked in it as she smiled , as she sat closer to me i put my arm around her and asked if she had any body special and she said no and it had been awhile, i smiled as i took her into a kiss.

After we kissed she kinda smiled and said she wasn't sure about anything and we kissed again as i caressed her thigh and i smiled and said not to worry as i moved my hand under her dress and gently started to rub her clit she kinda moaned as i felt her pussy get wet.

Then i moved down between her legs and took her panties off after i slid her dress up and spread her legs, i started eating her pussy and fingering her as she moaned as i finished she cum for me and i slide my pants down revealing my already hard 9" cock she looked at it and gasped that she had never had one that big as i began to slowly push into her tight pussy, i worked it slowly in pushing deep into here till i was all in then after a moment i slowly started fucking her.

She moaned as i fucked her and soon i unloaded deep inside of her pussy filling her up with my sperm i held it in her before i pulled out. She sat there and smiled as she told how good it was and i asked if she wanted more and of course she said yes.

She cleaned up and came into my bed room naked and we fucked again , she smiled as i asked her if she wanted to become my submissive slut and she agreed to do as i wanted her to do anytime and with whoever i wanted there to do with as well.

After that i went to her place for sex with her and after a couple of times i asked her if she was free for the weekend and she said yes and i told her i wanted to bring a guy friend with me and we could make it a weekend threesome, and she ok and i told her that we would be over on Friday evening and to be ready for us.

So my friend and i went to her place on Friday evening and as she let us in she was only wearing a short robe which only covered to the top of her thighs , i introduced my friend to her and i smiled as i undone her robe and took it off revealing her sexy body to him he smiled as he started fingering her tight pussy and i kissed her.

She got down on her knees as my friend pulled his 9"dick out and she began sucking it as i undressed then i went over and she sucked my dick as he did the same and we had her get on her hands and knees my friend got down behind her and started fucking her.

As i got in front and had her suck me some more soon my friend cum inside of her pussy and pulled out and i had her lay down flat i then straddled her and began to push slowly into her virgin ass at first she didn't want it but i kept going making her take until i was all into her tight ass and i slowly fucked her until i came in her ass and pulled out. My friend and i spent the weekend fucking her together and we all still do and she loves it.

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