My Son Best Friend

by Nader (Riyadh, SA)

Before telling my story let me introduce myself to my dear readers, my name is Rosemary, I am 42 yrs old, I live with my only son in a nice apartment, my son George is 18 yrs old, his dad left us when he was 12 yrs old.

I worked in many places, in many jobs to support myself and my son, I worked as fashion model, I worked in a bar, but when my son reached 18 yrs old I decided to look for better job, I was able to join a company as a senior secretary for the sales director.

In this new job I was required to attend meetings with my boss and our clients, these meetings were in the office and outside, day time and after working hours, I noticed that my boss prefers to see me wearing short dresses rather than long dresses, he used to say "when a woman wears short dress she can move freely."

After my man left to live with another woman, I decided not to trust any man, I even decided not to have any long term relation with men, many persons asked me for marriage but I was refusing.

No one can live without sex, this is a fact, all my sex relations with men were for short time, I had sex with my boss and other clients, it started when I attended a business dinner in his house, I was wearing a very short dress showing my milky thighs, after the dinner my boss asked me to dance with him.

While we were dancing he was rubbing my bare back, lowering down his hands until he touched my butt, he started to finger my hole, I looked at the other clients, I saw them having their cocks in their hands, they were coming to join us in dancing, two of them stood behind me, they removed my dress, I was not wearing a bra, my boss pulled down my thong, so I was totally naked, surrounded by five men.

I was on my knees moving my mouth between cocks, I sucked them all, then one man sat on the floor, I sat on his cock, I felt another man lift my body up to insert his cock in my asshole, one man shoved his cock in my mouth, the other two cocks I took in my hands.

In this position I had five cocks fucking my pussy, my ass, my mouth and in my hands, our game lasted for half an hour, the men unloaded huge amount of cum everywhere on my body, back and front, face and hair.

My boss and the clients kissed me and thanked me for the nice business dinner, my boss signed many contracts with the clients.

I never thought that I will have sex with my son, I was always looking at him as my child, I used to let him sleep with me in my bed, I normally go to bed naked, my son likes to wear a boxer while in bed.

I began to feel his hard cock rubbing my butt while he was moving his body, one night he went to pee, when he returned I noticed that his fly was open, I saw his big cock, he wanted to hide his cock, but I asked him to let it free, no need to hide his cock from his mom.

He came back to bed and stretched his body behind me, I moved my butt to give him space but he moved himself closer, his cock was between my ass cheeks, I was excited when I felt his cock between my cheeks.

I heard him saying, "oh mom your ass is so hot, I like to kiss it, can I do that?" I smiled and replied, "if you like kissing my ass go ahead, I turned on my belly, my son spread my ass cheeks and started to kiss my asshole, he had his tongue deep in the hole.

When he finished licking my hole I said, "now it is my turn to kiss your cock." I took his cock in my hand and started to move my tongue around it, then I had it in my mouth to suck, few minutes later my son unloaded his cum in my mouth.

We rested for a while, then I said, "you like to do more than licking to your mom?" he replied, "I love to have my cock in your asshole if you allow me." Again I was on my belly, my son mounted my back and shoved his cock in my asshole, my son also fucked my pussy, he unloaded his cum between my thighs, in my pussy and on my legs.

Next morning I went out for shopping, when I returned I went to my son room, I came in and saw him studying with his friend, it was summer time, my son and his friend were wearing boxers only.

I went to the kitchen to get them few drinks, when I bent to give my son friend his glass his eyes were focused on my breasts, I was wearing a tight jeans I left my blouse half buttoned, I left the room to let them study.

One hour later, I went again to the room to see if they want anything, door was closed, I looked through the window, I saw my son on top of his friend, his cock was moving in and out of the asshole of the friend, I returned back to my room.

When my son friend left our place, my son came to my room, he was so angry, his face was red, blood was on his lip, I asked him "what happened, why he looks angry and why blood on his lip?"

He informed me that he has a fight with his friend because of me, I wanted to know more details, he said, "after we finished studying we talked about girls and sex, my friend started to describe your curves, your breasts and he said that I am lucky to have such sexy mom, I asked him to stop talking about my mom but he continued, so I had to punch him in his face, he hit me on my mouth.

My son added, "I told him not to come to our house anymore, our friendship is over." I calmed him down saying, "it is normal in your age to look and admire the women beauties when you see a beautiful woman, your friend reaction was normal, no need to had a fight for such talking, give me your friend phone number, I will talk to him to solve this problem."

Next day I called the number, I heard a very sexy voice answering, I asked about my son friend, she replied, "my son is sleeping now, anything I can do for you?" I said, "your son was studying yesterday with my son, it ended with a fight, did he say to you anything about this, please tell me."

She replied, "yes my son told me about his fight with your son, I was so angry with him, he should not talk like that about his mom friend, I will bring him to your house to say sorry." I said, "your son reaction was normal, he saw a beautiful woman and he described her beauties, nothing wrong with that, however I will be glad if we meet, we must solve this issue."

In the evening, the mother and her son came to our place, the mother was wearing a long dress, opened from two sides, bare back and long hair, I was wearing my tight jeans, as usual my blouse was unbuttoned.

The woman said to me, "you have sexy body, as I was expecting and as my son described you." I thanked her for the compliment saying, "when I heard your sexy voice over the phone, I knew that such voice is coming out from a sexy woman."

We had few drinks and talked about the fight, while we were talking I was looking at her milky thighs, her open sides dress shown a pair of sexy long legs, I told her that her dress is so nice, she smiled saying, "I was going to wear a jeans, but I decided to put on this dress to feel more relaxed, I normally move in my house naked, I feel more free."

I said, "feel at home, be naked if you prefer that, I like to move naked in my house." We took off our clothes and sat naked, she came closer to my seat and started to squeeze my tits, then she started to kiss me, in few minutes we were on the floor in 69 position eating each other.

Our sons were in the other room, when they returned to the living room they saw us totally naked, they were naked as well, they came closer, my son shoved his cock in the mother mouth while his friend cock was shoved in my mouth, we sucked the two cocks, then we sat on them.

I sat after I positioned my asshole on the cock, my son cock was facing the mother pussy, we spent two hours in our foursome fun, switching our positions, licking assholes, sucking cocks. When we finished we had shower, then we went to bed to rest.

I was so glad that I was able to solve my son problem with his friend and have a new friend whom I can have good time with, she became my best friend, I introduced her to my boss, he offered her a job in the company but she refused, she wanted to be part of our business dinners meeting to enjoy sex with more than one man.

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