My Sister’s Best Friend

by John (Colorado)

For years a friend of my sister's has been coming to family events birthday parties, Christmas parties, cookouts and other family events. Susan was kind of a different looking girl, big, tall with small breasts plain looking but wore a lot of make up.

She never married and I never heard of her dating or having a boy friend, she just seemed like a lonely woman. We would talk a lot at the family events and I enjoyed her company.

She lived alone with her dog. She called one day, she said she had ask for my phone number from my sister. I am a plumber and she said she was having trouble with her boiler heating system and ask if I could come over and take a look.

When I went over she answered the door wearing just a robe. I ask her to show me the problem and she led me to her bedroom and said this is the only room that doesn't have enough heat. Then pulled me to her and kissed me.

She said take off your clothes and we can make it HOT in here. I started undressing and she stepped back and said she wanted to watch. I had not found her that sexually exciting but I was excited now.

When I was nude she told me to get on the bed and I did. She said get on your hands and knees I want your ass, I did. She moved behind me and kissed my back and slid down and kissed my ass cheeks. Then she placed a hand on each cheek and spread my ass.

I had never had anyone orally take my ass. She licked around my ass hole and then slid her tongue in my ass hole. It felt amazing as she licked my ass she reached around and caressed and stroked my hard dick and would slide down and lick and suck on my balls.

I told her I was going to roll over on my back so she could suck my dick. She said let’s do this for a while don't you like it? I did and I came as she licked my ass and stroked my dick. Then she asked me if I had ever licked ass and I said no, She said I want you to do it for me.

She stood up and turned off the lights then came back to the bed, I could hear her robe fall to the floor and she lay next to me and kissed me. I reached down to touch her pussy and she pushed my hand away and said I want you to please my ass like I did you.

She rolled over and raised her ass in the air I moved behind her and kissed her back and ass cheeks as she had mine. I had never lick an ass hole but she was smooth, clean and her perfume smelled nice and even in the dark room I move toward her ass hole. I had a hand on each cheek and spread her ass and started licking her ass hole.

I knew how good it felt from what she had just done to me and I almost came again licking her ass and I slid my tongue in and thought how she must feel. As I reached around to finger her she pushed my hand away but she pressed her ass hard back against me as she moaned.

I moved down to lick her pussy as she had sucked my balls and as I did I found her smooth shaved "BALLS". I reached around and found her hard dick instead of the wet pussy I expected. I don't know why but it really turned me on and instead of being shocked and stopping I started stroking "her" hard cock and licked and sucked her balls from behind.

I had never touch a dick other than my own and liked how hard she was and the way I made it jump with my touch and I wanted to lick her dick. I ask her to roll over and she did. I started licking her dick and then took it in my mouth. Now I knew how to make "her" feel good but I had never sucked dick.

I was sucking and sliding up and down on her dick as I tongued the tip when she reached down and grabbed my head and pushed me down as she pushed her dick in my mouth. I gagged as her dick slid in my throat but if I swallowed and pushed her back I started to be able to take it as she pumped into me.

Then she pulled back to where I was just licking and sucking the tip when she came in my mouth. I tried to swallow it all but she kept shooting her hot cum and it ran out over "her" shaved cock. But I licked her cock and balls clean of the thick bitter cum and I liked the taste and how she moaned and pushed my head to her.

I slid up and kissed her. She reached down and stroked my now throbbing cock. She said I still want your ass. I rolled over and stuck my ass in the air waiting for her tongue again but she started sliding her finger in my ass instead and then two fingers.

Then she moved up and I realized it was her hard again cock she was pushing in my ass. I wanted it. It was BIG and hurt at first but then I could actually feel her balls slapping against my own and I liked the hurt.

I felt the hot rush and the slippery feeling as she came in my ass and I came again just from the feeling. She pulled out and moved up as we kissed. I was still on my stomach and she slid her finger in my ass easily with the slickness of her cum in my ass. She started to stop and I told her to keep on I liked it. She asked if everything was OK. I told her yes.

I still think of her as a woman as I have for years but I "LOVE" her dick. We see each other often and I love sucking her dick and having her fuck me in the ass with her big dick. She has sucked me since this first encounter but I have not fucked her in the ass. Some day.

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