My Sister

by Joseph (United Kingdom)

I went home one afternoon. The only person there was my sister Jade as I saw her coat hanging up. As I walked to my room I had to pass Jades room.

She hadn't heard me and was lying on her tummy still dressed though but with both her hands under her tummy and down between her legs. She was dry humping her hands.

I watched for a bit getting really hard as Jade has a gorgeous body and is very pretty. I gently pushed her door open and went in.

She stopped immediately and panicked and sat up but I just said to her "hey it’s ok it’s only me there’s no one else here.

I asked her to carry on but she was reluctant but I said it’s ok as I do it and I won’t tell anyone. She made me promise I wouldn't tell anyone and then lay down and started to dry hump herself again.

I put my hand on her back and started to gently rub her back and then I put my hand under her tummy to put my hand where her hands were.

She wouldn't let me at first but eventually she removed both her hands and I started touching her outside her panties and right between her thighs.

Her face was so red I could tell then she was really horny so with my other hand I put it down the back of her tiny panties and started to caress and play with her lovely bum.

As I was doing that I was also slowly edging her panties down. I was touching her bum crack when all of a sudden she raised her tummy and bum slightly off the bed and took her panties right down way passed her knees.

This gave me greater access to her and as my finger slipped lower and lower down her bum crack she actually opened her thighs for me.

I worked my finger down to her gorgeous little bumhole and when my finger touched her bumhole she gave a loud moan so I licked my finger and put it back against her bumhole and again she moaned quite loud again.

I could smell her now. A lovely musky warm erotic fragrance. I continued rubbing her pussy and clit with my other hand whilst still playing with Jades lovely little bumhole.

I pushed my finger gently against her little bumhole and it gently went in and she actually gasped and was pushing her bum back against my finger.

She then put her arm around my neck and had her mouth right against my ear. She was wriggling now quite a bit and like sort of snorting and gasping.

Then she started bucking and really wriggling and really holding onto me gasping moaning away in my ear. I had a job really holding onto her.

Then her legs went all stiff as she actually cum still jerking and gasping. It was beautiful to see and hear. When she quietened down she kissed me but not like a sister kiss it was really passionate and asked me not to tell anyone what just happened.

I swore I wouldn't and she asked me if we could do it again and asked would I let her touch me as well and I said definitely.

Since then though both Jade and myself have had quite a few lovely episodes like and better than this aforementioned one.

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