My Sister Comes Home For A Visit

by Rick

Part 1

Mom and l are still going strong as husband and wife the sex just keeps getting better and better mom is the hottest woman always horny, it's just as hot and erotic as the first time l put my cock deep inside my own mother's warm wet pussy l enjoy fucking my mother.

The door bell rang l answered it my sister was standing there , mom and I hadn't seen her in months she calls but hasn't been around ,I noticed she had put on weight, then I realized she only gained weight in her tits and her belly. Duh! She was pregnant.

Mom and I welcomed her home we talked she told us she isn't sure who the father is because she has had so many men in her bed. The more l looked at her the sexier she got her ass looked more plump and rounder and my sister has always had a fine ass, she saw me looking at her she smiled and winked being pregnant must be making her hornier then usual.

The next morning in the kitchen she was at the fridge bending down looking in side she was wearing only one of my old T-shirt and tiny pink G string panties the tiny string in back was barely visible showing her sweet globes off ass cheeks I walked up behind her and asked her if l could help her find something?

She pushed her ass back into my crotch and wiggled her cheeks my already stiff cock hardened even more I reached around her and cupped her full soft 36C tits feeling her nipples harden under my touch, I kissed the back of her neck she smelt so good a mixture of perfume and a slight hint of aroused pussy I inhaled deeply something about the scent of a pregnant woman is so arousing my cock twitched, just then we heard the floor in the hall Creek we broke our embrace as mom walked in.

Part 2

I embraced my sweet sister from behind she pushed her beautiful ass back against my hard cock as she turned her head towards me we kissed deeply l whispered l missed you welcome home as my hands roamed over her swollen belly, we broke our embrace hearing the floor Creek in the hall ,we knew mom was up.

Mom and I had been sleeping together every night since my sister left for college we use to fuck when she was home but now we live as man and wife. I knew mom would be pissed to find me lusting over my sister again mom was jealous on the few times I fucked my sister and now mom and I had taken wedding vows l knew she loose it to know I was cheating on her with her daughter.

Mom walked in and said good morning is the coffee ready? Later that day l couldn't take my eyes off my sexy pregnant sister she always was hot but now with Fuller hips more rounder ass bigger tits and that sexy swollen big belly and that scent she had not a bad odor but a faint smell of a pregnant woman kind of hard to describe but every time l was near her my cock would twitch and start to harden it was like a sex pheromone or something it was masked by her perfume she wore but it still made me want or need to fuck her.

Mom was going to be out all day, I called off at work taking a sick day,so I could spend it with my sexy pregnant sister alone. I knew she was horny too with out saying a word l walked up to her kissed her she kissed me back l pulled her T-shirt off and suckled at her big full tits she moaned Fuck Me Oh I Need your Cock Now!

I pushed her down on the couch pulled her shorts off and tiny panties got between her legs and inhaled deeply her womanly aroma umm my tongue licked up her pouty pussy lips tasting her pregnant pussy juices oh l couldn't get enough oh her juices kind of tangy but oh so good l have eaten her pussy before her pregnancy and it was good but now it was delicious bit stronger flavor mixed with that womanly scent was driving me wild with lust, l had no idea pregnant pussy was so fucking delicious it's a special treat I'm hooked on eating pregnant pussy now.

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