by Chudo (PA, US)

I have become a pussy lover, a mature pussy of women in particular. This started soon after I turned 19 and having glimpse of my SIL’s pussy while she changing dress or coming out of bath.

She was then in her mid-30s and a bit chubby. She was quite open in doing so and never closed her bedroom door.

When my brother goes out on short business trip she wears revealing dresses indoor and becomes seductive with me.

Yes, we did some fondling and kissing, and couple of straight fucking too. But I never sucked her pussy.

When I get horny and masturbate with her used panties I would think of her pussy and to suck them into my mouth.

One hot night she called me in her room – there she lying on her back, nothing on but a pair of silk sheer panties and thighs spread out. I could see her two fat lips with light hair on them, glistening with wetness.

She drew me closer and with tongue lashing kisses and whispered: do you want to lick my pussy and burrowing your tongue into it? Tell me you want it, I saw you always look down devouring my fat pussy! You want to eat it all? Now be a good boy and get your face in there and lick me.

I literally dove in 69 position, snuggling my body down into the crevice between her thighs, moving my mouth towards her vagina.

From the position I was in, I had to push my entire face into her fat thighs to get my tongue to the right spot, but I didn’t mind a bit, so I pushed hard her fat thighs, lodging my nose right next to her engorged warm pussy.

She took the opportunity to stroke my hard throbbing cock with her 48D boobs, and she moaned, telling me to pull and massage her pussy lips.

She had huge pussy lips, fat and wet, and I was rubbing my nose in between them trying to find her clit, my tongue moving as well along the wet slit.

In doing so I could smell her sweat and juices, which were flowing pungent sweetness, so I licked all flowing juices. I was getting up every thirty seconds or so to breathe and then resume in earnest.

I felt that my cock is now in her mouth – not the whole of it, only the knob, slippery with my precum and her saliva.

My mouth and tongue was now inside her cunt lips for a few minutes but then I took whole of her erect engorged clit right into my mouth by separating the lips by me fingers.

I sucked on like a starved man then gently nipped with my teeth and ran the tip of my tongue from her pee slit to the clit.

Her moaning and groaning suddenly increased as she started to breath heavy, getting louder and more intense as she released some spurts of pee into my sucking mouth.

She suddenly picked up her legs and wrapped my head tight, and started rubbing her pussy wildly against my mouth and then let her go – go with a series of voluptuous orgasms.

My head was almost trapped between her cushiony thighs but my mind was with her sucking my cock as she took whole of it into her mouth and I started thrusting more into her. She took almost whole of it and I released gushes of cum deep into her throat!!

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