My Second Time with my Neighbor John/My First Man Kiss: Part 2

by Bob (Pomona, Missouri, USA)

The next day after my first time with my neighbor John it was early morning when my phone dinged with a text message from John.
His text message said Bob my dick is hard and I need to slide it down a throat or get balls deep in a hot tight ass.

I answered back John that is up to you I will give you whatever you want or both.
He texts back meet me at the barn.
I headed to the barn and in a few minutes, John showed up and was not lying his dick was hard as a rock.

I had the blanket on the ground already waiting on him to get there.
John said he wanted a deep throat blow job first.
I got down on my knees undone his belt and pants dropped them to his feet he stepped out of them kicked them to the side.

I started stroking his big dick and he was throbbing hard leaking precum. I licked the slit where his precum was flowing then I licked the length of his dick until it was covered with my saliva then took the head of his dick in my mouth all I could think about at that time was getting another load of his delicious hot cum in my mouth.
He must have fucked my throat for ten minutes or more before shooting a huge load of hot cum filling my mouth and he said don't swallow it yet.

He pulled his dick out of my mouth my mouth full of his cum he picked me up to my feet and started kissing me on the lips. He stuck his tongue in my mouth full of his cum then we tongued each other like a tongue war until all the cum was gone down our throats still don't know who got the most cum.

I have been sucking dicks since I was a teen with cousins and uncles. I have fucked and suck men asses to but I had never kissed a man on the lips until that day I never realized the thrill of kissing a man with a mouth full of cum until that day.
Now rather it is his mouth or my mouth full of cum we both enjoy the taste of it and the kissing is so exciting it make me want to cum again.

After doing our cum kiss John licked my asshole and then he got balls deep in my ass and I loved every thick long inch of his dick. I don't know if I could handle more dick than what he was giving but I knew I wanted more of his dick in me. He must have fucked me for a good thirty minutes before he filled my ass with his cum.
Then it was my turn I licked and tongue fucked John's ass for a long while then got balls deep in his ass but I was so horny and excited think I dumped my load of cum after a few strokes in his hot ass.

John is the only friend that I have had sex with that have not asked to fuck my wife or for me to fuck his wife we seem to be satisfied with each other and not need anyone else at the moment.


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